Drop it like it's Dark!



Ready in: 2 minutes!

Serves: For all of us who need to adjust our foundation

Difficulty: None if you blend in the drops evenly.

0 calories. Only a healthy complexion.



  • A foundation you wish to darken
  • A surface to mix the two (or the back of your hand)
  • OSCA Hairpin Holder


  • I can't recommend it enough! Love it!


  1. Affordable, considering you won’t keep on changing makeup shades
  2. Depending on your need, you add as many drops as desired

  3. There is quite a strong scent at first



This post is going to get personal. We’ll be discussing a struggle of mine. We’re going to call this story: I tan too much and none of my foundations work for me. Is this a common theme? Let’s assume it is and I’m not alone in this world. I feel the need to clarify something: it’s not as if I lay around all day in the sun and hope to tan. I tan in the car, walking down the street, even if I step outside to my balcony. Did I mention I wear sunscreen with SPF 50? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining; I find it amazing that I’m able to tan that fast. The only issue with this superpower of mine, is the inability to stick with one makeup shade for more than two weeks. There comes a point during summertime, where I give up on makeup all together. My night-out routine consists of mascara, highlighter and lipstick. Now that I think about it, that sounds refreshing. Until I get to that point though, if I attempt to use foundation, it looks as if I color matched with my eyes closed. Needing to find a solution, I came across this bottle of gold. World, meet the shade adjusters.

I purchased it right away and was adamant to make it work. Want to hear something funny? It actually did work. I grabbed the darkest shade of foundation I had (will review it soon), my trusty magnetic bracelet , added two pumps of foundation and a couple drops of the shade adjuster. I was pleasantly surprised by the finished look. It's as if I went a shade darker and it suited me perfectly! Simply mix it well and proceed with applying your foundation as usual.

Allow me to say this: if you’re already on the darker skin tone all year round, perhaps this won’t do much for you. If you’re foundation is already darker than the shade of the drops, don’t bother. However, if you’re someone like me and only need this for a specific time period, this bottle is for you.

 As far as I know there is a shade adjuster that’ll lighten your foundation. I could try it just for fun and let you know the kind of looks I got. If you don’t think it’s necessary to humiliate myself for the sole purpose of research, feel free to comment below and let us know if you have the lighter shades and how they worked out for you.


Thank you for giving me the space to share my personal struggles.



  • Shake well before using!
  • Start with one drop and if needed, add more
  • Mix this with your finger before applying or you might be left with a stream of dark bronzer on your face
  • Mix with body cream for a bronzed look 



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