Livin' On An Alchemy

recipe from the lab:


Ready in: 3 to 5 minutes

Serves: For you and your entire life

Difficulty: Not if you blend blend blend

0 calories, as each of our recipes so far


  • Highlighting brush


  • OFC!


  1. 4 multipurpose prismatic shades designed to amp your make up look

  2. Compact, travel friendly

  3. Formula is incomparable


Is it possible to be in love with a makeup product? The kind of love you cannot wait to lay your eyes on when you miss it. Is this considered crazy talk? If yes, we’re all for it! I didn’t know this palette was missing from my life until I got my hands on it.

Time for some REAL talk. I enjoy highlighters and the concept of strobing, however I never felt the frenzy. I have my fair share of highlighters, which I’m perfectly content with. In this case, I was drawn to the Alchemist palette. For starters, its name and design is intriguing. Upon reading Kat’s story on its development and what it promises to do, I quickly ordered it and anxiously waited. Receiving the palette, my first thought was that the pink opal shade, seemed more of an intense pink in the website photo. If anything, that concerned me. I was pleasantly surprised to see it as a true opal pink that is in fact easy wearing.

Right away I swatched all four shades and realized that a little goes a long way with this palette. If I could give you an exact measurement of how little of this you need to blind those around you, I would. My attempt to explain it goes as such: light, gentle tap to pick up the product if you are using your fingers, or a simple, almost non-existent tap with your brush. It’s always better to pick up less product and build on it, rather than trying to remove a streak of highlighter. I thoroughly enjoyed adding it to lip combinations, when I wanted to go for a more eccentric look. Using it as an eyeshadow is a given; I do that with almost all my products. A girl’s got to multitask!


Verdict: This product is here to stay! Don’t fear to have fun with makeup; this product is all about experimenting and adding shades of highlighters that’ll immediately step up our makeup game. Isn’t that what we’re all about?


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