Prime it like you mean it


Ready in: 2 minutes

Serves: For anyone who feels like priming 

Difficulty: None. I promise.

0 calories


  • Fingertips
  • In some cases, a foundation brush does the trick too


  • Primers are here to stay!


  1. While primers work wonders with makeup, prepping and caring for your skin is your #1 job

  2. There are primers for all needs and skin types. These three have worked so far for oily/combination skin.

  3. Some makeup brands pair primers with each foundation; if you feel lost that’s always a safe road.


The day before primers did in fact exist. Who is old enough to remember those days? When we’d smear a Neutrogena foundation on our face, that wasn’t even our shade, and consider ourselves ready to conquer the world. I miss those days. Don’t get me wrong; the only thing I miss is the one-product makeup look. Primers have become an intricate part of my routine and I can’t see myself skipping the prep and prime step. Today, we’ll be discussing three of my favorite primers.


First one up is the Milani Prime Light. This primer has recently made its way into my collection and is steadily on the top three. The beautiful thing about this primer, is that there is a hidden glow. After I’ve properly washed my face, added my toner and moisturizer (too much?) my skin already has a glow. This primer simply compliments the existing glow without making my face look oily and slippery. The days I know I won’t add much makeup on after a tinted moisturizer, I choose this primer to lock down a sure glow.


Next up, is the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser. I’d like to publicly state that I do not know if in fact this product erases ones pores. I have a thorough skin regimen I follow, that does as much as possible for my pores. Yes, I have pores. Back to the product, I can say that it sticks to my skin and keeps everything in place. It surely smooths my skin, and prevents the makeup from settling in my pores or natural lines. Bonus, it’s a small tube, which makes it travel-friendly and as you know by now, I’m always on the lookout for those. Smart packing runs in my veins.


Last but certainly not least, is the Christian Dior Forever & Ever Wear Makeup Primer. Is it wrong to say this is my favorite primer of all time? Let’s start with some basics. It contains SPF, which the other two do not. If your foundation or tinted moisturizer does not have SPF, and you’re not crazy on adding sunscreen, it’s good that this primer covers this need. Next, it’s extremely lightweight which is a wonderful feeling when it comes to applying things on my face. Now, for the trick that won me over; it evens out my skin tone. I’m aware that it does not promise a color-correcting effect, however this is how it works on my skin. I can’t complain, I know that it seems costly, but you need a tiny amount on your fingertips to even out your face.


Which is the next primer I should test?

I'm hearing tons of buzz about the Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer (too long of a name, Becca). Anyone have thoughts on it? Would love to hear your recommendations.



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