Little gem on James St.



Ready in: 2 minutes!

Serves: Whomever you choose to share this gem with 

Difficulty: None. You have my word.

0 calories. Only a glowing complexion.



  • A fan brush
  • A mirror and good lighting 


  • YEAH!


  1.  Affordable, natural looking highlighter with a perfect finish
  2. Large pan, it’ll take a lot of work to reach the end of it

  3. I’d prefer better packaging, breaks easily.


Does anyone feel a sense of pride when they find a product that works wonderfully and doesn’t take a hit at your bank account? I’ll admit, I get excited when that happens. Such is the case with this highlighter by 3ina pronounced with an M. (see what they did there)?

Who’s familiar with the brand? I came across a 3ina store last year in London. Located in Covent Garden, it attracted my attention after seeing how many people were walking in. I had about thirty minutes to spare and zero money to spend on new makeup. It was a no brainer that I’d go in and started testing out products. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, too many products on display, LED lights under each shelf and loud music. Am I the only one that hates the pounding music in these stores? I understand that marketing behind it, yet still cannot stand it.

   I swatched a couple products and moved on to the highlighters. This powder highlighter caught my eye right away because of the mixture of pink, gold and white. Does that make sense? If you were to try it on your face, you’d see what it is I’m trying to explain. There’s a natural finish to it, as if the sun has lightly grazed against your skin and it’s the best look for you. With highlighters, it’s hard to achieve a natural look; you can get close to it but not quite there. This 3ina product is all about the glow, no doubt about it, yet doesn’t look foreign. No need to only apply it on the high points of your face, go ahead and swirl your brush in there and trace it all around your face. Yes, it’s that good of a product.

They are in the process of branching out now. If there isn’t a 3ina store around you, Asos also carries their best-selling products so be sure to check it out.

After claiming this success, I revisit this store ever so often and add items to my 3ina collection. I’ll be sharing them as we go. I’d love to hear any other 3ina lovers out there who’ve discovered other high-quality products.

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