Warm Brown Obsession



Ready in: Depends on the look one is going for. Could take 2 mins, could take 10.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time before we hit pan

Difficulty: Some. Proper blending will make it all easier 

0 calories, it is not appealing to eat.


  • Eye shadow primer
  • A blending and crease brush


  • Yes, although it'll be hard to choose which mini-palette to get!


  1. A nine-shadow eye palette designed for multiple looks
  2. Quite pigmented, go easy with the brush 
  3. Small and compact with a mirror, making it travel-friendly
  4. Ideal for oily lids since the palette consists of mostly matte shades


It's been a minute since we've discussed a beautifully curated eyeshadow palette. No worries, we have about thirty more palettes we'd want to write about. We try to take our time and truly work with the eyeshadows to decide what is worth purchasing. This Huda mini palette is definitely worth purchasing and we'll dive into details right away. 

Huda Beauty is known to bring high quality products for high prices most of the time. With the launch of these mini-palettes, we were able to once again enjoy the quality without the seemingly excessive price tag. For avid makeup lovers and professionals, most of the times prices can be justified. Depending on the use one will get from each product, purchases can be justified like that.

I have wanted to try an item from this brand for the longest time. Maria has the Rose Gold Edition palette, which we discussed a while back and after using it a few times, I decided I wanted one of my own; just not that one in particular. I had been eyeing the mini palettes since their launch and decided to grab one in store. Needless to say, they were sold out for consecutive weeks in several locations and I didn't want to make a purchase online since I didn't know which palette I wanted. My patience was rewarded and I was able to find them at Sephora's location in Santa Monica. The original launch included six color combinations. My top two choices were the mauve and brown ones. Yes, I was playing it safe and buying colors which most of my palettes already have, I'm fully aware of that. If I were to make a palette of my own with existing individual shadows, it would look like one of these palettes and it would consist of basic colors that would give the ability to create several different looks. I decided to go for the warm brown which I consider now a capsule item.

This palette consists of eight highly pigmented mattes and one shimmer shadow that can transform any look. This palette in particular has heated red, brown, orange and copper tones that can virtually create countless looks. The shadows are easy to blend but do have some fallout. The gold shimmer in the center of the palette is more so to stay on the center of the lid, it isn't the best shade to blend. However, once wetting the brush, it'll be easier to work with. The color scheme offers day to night looks. A good eye primer beforehand will definitely help the colors stay in place. I find the maroon and red shades to be the most pigmented ones in the palette so beware of how much product the brush picks up before starting to blend. After wearing these colors daily for perhaps ten hours straight, it's safe to say that they did not move whatsoever. Everything had stayed in place exactly the way I had applied the colors and that is something I found fascinating. It fits in almost every purse I own, has a mirror and beautifully performing colors. Need I say more? Actually the answer to that is yes, I'm capable of talking about this palette for maybe a few more paragraphs but I'll end it here so you can go ahead and purchase it. 

Is this a color combination that interests you? Should we pick up one of the new releases and review that as well? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Swatch them in store to see how each color performs on your skin tone. 
  2. Perhaps start with the eye look before doing the face, to clean up any fallout 
  3. Using a concealer as a primer could change the color payoff on these shades in particular




Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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