Smoke them out



Ready in: Depends on the look one is going for. Could take 2 mins, could take 20.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time before we hit pan

Difficulty: Some. Proper blending will make it all easier 

0 calories, it is not appealing to eat.


  • Eye shadow primer
  • A good blending brush
  • Patience to smoke it out 


  • Yes, for the price it's currently at


  1. Palette offers a color selection which doesn’t exclusively make it a smoky palette
  2. With some shades there might be a fallout
  3. Not an essential palette- Smoky looks can be created with almost all of the colors in your existing palettes


If by seeing this picture you immediately think we’ve gone back in time where this palette was a hype product, don’t worry just yet! We haven’t invented time travel, we are bringing back some cult products from the past. Seeing as how NYFW was full of smoky eye looks, we decided to go into depth with this periplex eye look. Is it in fact periplex? We’d like to think not; it is however a look that requires practice.  This palette is marketed as a smoky eye palette. However, it is possible to create non-smoky looks with these colors. It won’t be as if it is a purchase for a singular use. Let’s begin with a breakdown of the colors and their performance and discuss overall thoughts afterwards. 

Before I get into the contents of the palette, I must say I instantly fell for the packaging. I was glad that it wasn't a typical Naked palette. Instead, UD went for a smoky transparent base with a cool smoking effect all around the palette. As with every Naked palette, there are twelve colors in total. Nine of them were first introduced in the palette and the remaining three were from past palettes. All colors belong in the neutral tone family with mattes and shimmers. Seeing as how this palette has been on the market for quite some time now, instead of breaking down each color (tons of Youtube reviews for that) I'll let you know what worked for me and what didn't. 

I am a fan of smoky eye looks. I might not do them often, however if I have night out planned I'll gravitate towards a look like that. Even before owning this palette, I created smoky looks with almost every other palette or single shadows I own. The same will apply to you too. This color selection and layout simply makes it easier to do so. Not all twelve colors are necessary for a smoky look, however there are options. The three colors in the center are the bold, typical smoky colors. The dimensional grays will offer something different to the eye look. The first three shades, along with the last three (pink, gold and brown) are the basic earth tones of the palette. With those colors, it is virtually possible to create any makeup look with. I'm far from impressed by the last two matte shades of the palette, although I understand their need to be included. 

The darker colors in the center are easy to work with and I think that's our number one priority with a smoky look. We need colors that are pigmented enough and easy to blend. These three dark colors aren't the ones you can slide onto your lid and call it a day. Start by picking up a bit of color with the brush, tap off the excess and then work it on the lid. The success of this look comes with the endless blending, unless, racoon eyes is the look you're going for. Start with the brown colors of the palette to canvas the area you wish to work on and then start by adding the darker colors. If it's your first attempt at a smoky look, don't dive into the black shade right away. Practice with the more "forgiving" colors first and take it from there.

Overall, we all agree it is a beautiful palette. Is it necessary? Probably not seeing as how most of these colors could be found in a number of other palettes. However, in this case, they are all put together for our convenience. The current eye trend is focused on warm and iridescent colors but a basic palette will never go out of style. Even though it is marketed as a smoky palette, the colors still belong to the basics family. For its sale price, I'd say grab it. It is now considered a discontinued item so wherever you find it sold, the $25 price tag should be the one you see. 


Will you purchase this palette? What do you use for a perfect smoky look? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Start with non-black colors to ease into the technique
  2. If the eyes are full on smoky, balance out the rest of the face
  3. With a full smoky eye look, add some light to the center of your lid




Photo: Courtesy of Urban Decay

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