Concealer for Breakfast



Ready in: Just a couple of minutes!

Serves: Plenty, you can conceal your undereyes, diminish your dark circles and cover any blemishes.

Difficulty: None, a good application tool such as the recommended will make your life easier. 

0 calories, we promise.


  • Beautyblender or your favorite sponge

  • An eyeshadow blending brush


  • Yes, it's a full coverage concealer.


  1. One of the most full coverage concealers on the market at the moment.

  2. It is long lasting and it doesn't crease.

  3. It is loved by influencers and it's one of Tarte's best sellers, plus you can contour with it.


Starting Monday the right way, with one of our favourite topics, concealer! We’ve already talked a lot about concealers. Can you believe that I haven’t found my holy grail one yet? The concealer hunt is real! I am waiting for the day that I will find a concealer which is perfect and effortless to wear, while at the same time looks completely natural. Am I asking for a lot? Although I haven’t found the perfect one yet, there are a plethora of good ones to recommend. 

Tarte's shape tape is a good concealer to use for those sleep deprived days. It is a full coverage creamy concealer that'll surely cover dark circles and other issues. Therefore, it does not look natural. While it is what's considered a heavy-weight concealer, thankfully it does not crease! If you are going to wear this concealer, you have to wear it with a foundation. I have tried it with a light base but I don’t think it looks good. If you prefer a more natural makeup then go for a lighter concealer. Keep this on board for the days of a full glam face and extra attention in the undereye area. It is an extremely well-performing concealer for spot concealing! If you apply a bit of it on top of your makeup, where necessary, it completely covers any redness thus saving you the time of color correcting. Make sure that the shade you are spot concealing with is similar to your foundation shade, no need for random bright spots. Keep in mind, it is best to apply this concealer with a beauty blender because of its thick consistency. It absorbs a lot of product and it blends well. 

If you are going for a full glam/contoured look, you can use a darker shade to contour with and again let your beauty blender work its magic. The applicator is quite larger than your usual concealer. A little goes a long way so don't get carried away with the applicator and start making the huge triangles under your eyes. Don’t swipe the applicator because you are going to end up with a face covered in concealer and we don’t want that, even though we absolutely adore concealer. 

One big drawback of this concealer though is that it contains fragrance. I find it unnecessary for a concealer to contain fragrance as it is an allergen for many people. 

It comes in 14 shades ranging from fare to dark. If you can’t find your exact shade I am sure that by blending some of the shades you will; the tones are quite neutral.

For a fully concealed and contoured face it’s a yes for us! If you are going for an effortless look maybe you can read our other articles about concealers and decide which one suits your look and personality best!

We are looking forward to your recommendations too! Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts ;)



  1. This concealer is best applied with a beauty blender.

  2. You can get away without setting it with powder.

  3. Tap don't rub! 

  4. Not the best for an eyeshadow primer. 





Photo: Courtesy of Tarte

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