The Easy Eyeliner



Ready in: Always depends on your expertise of applying eyeliner. It shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes if you are used to it.

Serves: Plenty, they don't dry quickly.

Difficulty: Some, that's why we selected these pens, to make life easier. 

0 calories, it is not appealing to eat.


  • No tools needed, a Q-tip would come handy.


  • Yes, it is one of the easiest ways to apply eyeliner.


  1. Easiest and quickest way to apply eyeliner.
  2. Pens are designed for an easy and comfortable use, making them ergonomic for everyone.
  3. The everyday eyeliner game just became easier.


Let’s talk about eyeliner. Affordable, long lasting and easy to use. Hope I got you hooked for the rest of the article.

Seeing as how at the end of the day, eyeliner is in fact a black pigment, it is unforgiving when mistakes are made. Most people who try to use eyeliner for the first time will agree with us. We decided to write this article dedicated to the easy application of eyeliner because it is an issue that will almost always come up in a makeup discussion. Friends and clients always want more inside information on the application of eyeliner and on what type of eyeliner to use as a beginner.

Historically, the use of eyeliner dates back to ancient civilizations. Both men and women, were known to define their features. The most common example we can give you is ancient Egypt, where eyeliner was used not only for beautifying but also for eye protection, thinking it would prevent eye infections. The technology that we have available today and the options have improved immensely but the formulas are not that different! Sounds crazy? I know. Of course many more chemicals have been added to the original formulas to make the pigments perform better and stay longer but fundamentally eyeliner hasn’t changed that much.

Out of our own collection we decided to pick a couple of pen eyeliners that will make life easier when applying them. When using pen eyeliners, chances of making a mistake are slimmer to none. They disperse the right amount of product in the right place and your hand is already used to holding a pen. So, even if you are not a master of eyeliner application, a pen will make it easier for you.

Eyeliner can enhance and define your eye shape. It is a favorite step in our makeup routines. The intensity of it can range from a feather-thin brown eyeliner to full on Cleopatra style line - depends on our mood and the look we are going for! Both type of lines are difficult and take time and practice to master. Don’t be disappointed at the first try; practice again and again! By trial and error, it'll be easier to find which line suits your eye shape the most. Acquiring help from a more experienced makeup artist will make this process quicker.

A general tip for eyeliner application that'll work wonders for those unsure of where they're going with the black line, is to go in first with an eye pencil. By drawing a soft brown guide line with an eye pencil first (as long as it is not a KOHL eye pencil) it is possible to fix mistakes and get a better sense of how the eyeliner will be applied. Coffee by MAC is a great one for this job or any other brown pencil does the job. After going in with the brown pencil, follow the line with the pen eyeliner. For some, this is a game changer. Others, prefer to use eyeliner straight away. We'd suggest trying both ways and deciding what works best for you.

The pens:

Truth be told, in every product there are pros and cons and we'll be the first to discuss them. Except for the ones that only have pros and never leave our makeup kit! Pen eyeliner is easy to use, regardless of one's makeup skills status. A general “rule” for the pen eyeliner is that it is easy to use and work with; difficult to mess up with while using it because it disperses the right amount of product. 

The only drawback of using a pen eyeliner is that is difficult to draw a line if you have used a lot of products beforehand (like eyeshadows and glitter on the eyes). You can carve out the line with this pen but you will have to use an eyeliner with a more liquid consistency in order to “draw” above the eyeshadows used on the lids. For less product-packed eye looks this type of eyeliner will be your BFF.


KIKO Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner's :

This is one of the best drugstore pen liners out there. The design of the pen itself is ergonomic, slim and fits perfectly between the fingers, ready to use with a flexible tip. The product is pigmented, long-lasting and buildable. Even when drawing a thicker line than usual, this eyeliner won’t let you down. The tip of the pen is more flexible and offers the ability to draw and play with the eyeliner wing. In Europe, this eyeliner retails for almost half the price than the US market (6.95 euros). If you are planning a trip to Europe save your $$ and visit a KIKO store.

Essence Pen Eyeliner -Waterproof :

Compared to the KIKO one, this pen has a slightly stiffer tip but all in all is easy to use. The pigmentation of the liquid liner is good if you want to keep it simple and draw an everyday winged eyeliner. If you are going for a bolder look I would suggest using a more pigmented one. For everyday use and for its price I think this eyeliner deserves a try! If you stick to your everyday thin wing, the results will be similar to the KIKO product. It does not dry out fast and has a long-lasting formula. It is not completely waterproof though so if you are going for a swim, it's best to avoid using it. 

Alternative Suggestion:

If you can’t find these on the market the  L’Oreal Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner has a similar result. It is an equally affordable pen eyeliner that is long lasting and easy to use.

What's your favorite way to apply eyeliner? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Use a pointed Q-tip with micellar water to clean up any mistakes.
  2. Never clean the same part of the eye with the same dirty q-tip. It'll end smudging the eyeliner all over that area and it won’t look good. 
  3. If you are not familiar with eyeliners, start with a brown pencil or a brown liquid eyeliner and when you feel ready, progress to the black one. 




Photo: Courtesy of KIKO Milano, Ulta Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, L'Oreal

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