Pat McGrath Special #2



Ready in: Depends on the look one is going for. Could take 2 mins, could take 20. The level of difficulty definitely becomes less with the quality of these products.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time before we hit pan

Difficulty: None. Everyone can use them! From a Pro makeup artist to a newbie in makeup.

0 calories, We know everything looks delicious but these products are not edible.


  • Everything you need is included in the kit.


  • YES!!! If it is it something than you could afford.


  1. Best quality shadows I have ever tried in my life.
  2. Brings Haute Couture to our fingertips.
  3. All the products in the kit perform excellent.


Happy Sunday everyone. It’s safe to say that the Pat McGrath Series posts have inspired us on many levels.

Pat McGrath is one of the most influential makeup artists and a role model for our team. She is the mother of makeup. I am amazed with what one can accomplish when inspired from a person or a product. To learn more about Pat McGrath read our previous post here!

Lets dig straight into the details of this amazing packaging. FYI, the sequins found in the package are haute couture sequences, carefully selected from Pat herself to go along with her products. Today we are discussing the DARK STAR 006 ULTRASUEDE BROWN Eye Kit.


< Contents:

Black SmudgeLiner eye kohl
Blender brush
Dark Matter pigment
Astral White pigment
Mercury pigment
UltraSuede Brown pigment
Cyber Clear eye gloss

Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath LABS

Pigment Eyeshadows

I am in love and I don't say that often with a product. I have seen plenty of good products out there but I haven’t seen a shadow blend like this before, especially when it comes to a pigment. It’s as if Pat McGrath brought fashion and its backstage show makeup artistry to our fingertips and made is simple and accessible to us all. If we're appealing to your makeup love and admiration, prepare to fall deeply, madly in love.

The astral white pigment stole my heart and mind. For me, that’s the star of the kit! First of all, the intensity is buildable and is entirely up to choice. Have a blending and shader brush ready, or even use your fingertips for the ultimate color payoff. Don’t forget, they are pigments. I am amazed at how it's possible for pigments to work better than eyeshadows; the formulation is divine. The options are limitless: blend them with a blending brush, use them as a highlight, an eyeshadow and on top of a lipstick. At this point, if I'm being honest, I am tempted to put it all over my face. Of course I won't and only use it as an eyeshadow and a highlighter to go out.

I received plenty of compliments whilst wearing it. If you'd like to see the makeup look in action, check out my instagram page and be amazed by this highlight! I told you, I want to smear it all over my face. The obsession is real. I am trying to find an affordable dupe for it, but nothing lasts as long as this one and has such a intergalactic reflectivity. I have found this INGLOT finely milled body sparkles (in no. 51) that has a similar effect but it lasts on the face maximum three hours compared to the Pat McGrath one that with proper application can last all day.

I’ve been using and trying different eyeshadows for many years now and have never experienced something similar to this. All four pigments have excellent pigmentation and can be applied like a dream. Pro makeup artist skills aren't required to work with this product; they are made so each individual can enjoy them. If you would like to build up the pigmentation to the max, you can pat some shadow with your index finger where necessary.

Black Kohl Eye Pencil:

It is a rich and long stay black soft kohl and that can be smudged even with fingers or a more precise brush. Whichever look you are going for, from a soft smudged black liner to a full on smokey eye, this pencil will help you achieve the result in minutes! For extra dimension, add pigments on top of the smokey eye and thank me later!


A pretty eye-gloss with great reflectivity, perfect way to achieve the glossy lid look. Be careful with this particular look as it is mostly for editorial. If you would like to wear it out and about don’t wear any product underneath and pair it with a good waterproof mascara! 

Blender Brush:

An excellent blending brush that I believe is designed to pick up the pigment eyeshadows. Used it with different types of shadows as well and works perfectly. A nice brush to add to your collection!

Overall, I love that you can create both conceptual and day to day looks because the intensity is buildable for all of the products and can be worn from day to night. 

If this is something you can afford and would like to splurge on, we cannot recommend it enough! Everything that we have tried so far from Pat McGrath has an excellent quality. Is there a more affordable dupe on the market we don't know about? Let us know in the comments below!


Mother Pat if you are listening, I just want thank you again for this great experience. 

Other companies, if you are listening, make more products like these!


  1. Layer the pigment shadows to get unexpected results!
  2. On top of the black kohl you can place the pigment eyeshadows for an extraordinary smoky eyes.
  3. Try to be creative with the eyegloss! If it doesn't work for you on the eyes use it in the centre of your lips as a gloss.




Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath LABS

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