Ready in: Depends on the look one is going for. Could take 2 mins, could take 10.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time before we hit pan

Difficulty: Some. Proper blending will make it all easier 

0 calories, it is not appealing to eat.


  • Eye shadow primer
  • A good blending brush


  • Yes, although the price tag is quite hefty


  1. A four-shade eye palette designed for multiple looks
  2. Palette includes three mini brushes
  3. Highly pigmented, go easy with the brush 
  4. Small and compact with a mirror, making it travel-friendly


Over the years of building a makeup collection, I now have a profound respect for quad eyeshadow palettes. There are four colors that allow to create a beautiful look. Doesn't that make our life easier? Granted, when creating a glam look, we might need to combine colors from three different palettes, however this isn't always the case. For everyday looks, traveling and making simpler choices, quads should have a front row seat. Such is this case with this small, yet beautiful palette from Burberry cosmetics.

In this four-shade eye palette, there is a luminizing base, two buildable colors and a more intense one for definition. These colors can be combined, or used on their own. Personally, I'll use the two middle shades for the crease and my lid. These two colors alone, create a beautifully, put-together everyday look. If I'm looking to intensify my eye look, I'll add the dark purple pictured above. In regards to its formula, these shades blend like a dream. They are silky and smooth, with layerable textures and you'll never have to worry about sharp lines or edges of the shadows! Of course, blending is key and that doesn't change with any palette; this quad makes life easier. As always, I use an eye primer to ensure that everything stays in place. As expected, the brushes that come with the palette are practically useless. While I love having this in my bag, I need to carry a blending and shader brush with me as well. 

Another thing I particularly enjoy about this palette, is its layout. The way it's designed, helps the consumer follow through with a makeup look. For a person who isn't familiar with crease shades, or where to place light and dark colors, this palette breaks it down just from the position of each color. Looking at the palette, start with the light shade in the corner as an illuminator. Continue with the light pink as a crease shadow, followed by the almost mauve for the lid. This look can be finished with the deep purple, which is conveniently located at the end of the palette, signaling it to be the last color in the eye look. However, this isn't mandatory. Any color can be used as you see fit; we're simply suggesting some steps you could follow. 

There are other color combinations of the quads, depending on what each individual needs. This quad, as other neutral colors, can be used from day to night and can result in any kind of makeup look. Seeing as how this is a high-end product, I doubt I'll repurchase it. While I love its convenience, the price tag will always be a factor in my decisions. Even though I don't see myself hitting pan on any color sometime soon, I still think of wanting to keep it in my collection for as long as possible. The shades are truly beautiful, yet not irreplaceable. I can purchase similar colors from Inglot and build a small quad of my own to have in my purse at all times. Then again, that might just be an excuse to buy more eye shadows. This week I decided to cut back on eyeshadow purchases. Let's see how long that'll last. 


Will you purchase this palette? Is the price tag the only thing keeping you back? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Swatch them in store to see how each color performs on your skin tone. They are on the expensive side, best be sure it's something that will work for you. 




Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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