Bright Under Eye!


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Ready in: A matter of seconds

Serves: Your two beautiful eyes. No sharing these types of products

Difficulty: None whatsoever 

0 calories, it is not appealing to eat.


  • A stippling or fluffy brush


  • Yes, especially when you have any concerns and issues with the under eye area


  1. The product is a translucent white pigment that helps brighten the under eye area.
  2. A little goes a long way.
  3. This product last a long time and is worth the price.


Laura Mercier has a strong game when it comes to under eye concealing. From the company’s under eye concealers to setting powders, the products perform great and give the desired coverage and brightening effect needed to conceal from light to dark circles and other skin concerns.

Today, we’re discussing her Secret Brightening Under Eye Powder which is a transparent white setting powder specifically targeted for the under eye area. Its micronized pigments won’t settle into the eye’s fine lines and most importantly, by using this powder it will stay crease free. It is a long wearing formula that can last up to a day without retouching if applied in the right way.

For professional use, I would suggest that this powder is better for film and real life and not for photos. It does not give a flashback effect but because of its white pigment it can sometimes be bright when used with flash lighting. 

The product itself lasts for quite a long time because a little goes a long way. Only a tiny bit is necessary; better apply it with a small fluffy powder brush because the beauty blender deposits a ton of product under the eye and remember, we only need a bit of powder. 

The Laura Mercier traditional translucent powder can do wonders too. It has more of a blurring rather than a brightening effect than this particular one has. Secret brightening powder sets and prolongs the wear of concealer while camouflaging the appearance of imperfections under the eye. The powder contains white pigment - so it is targeted for the under eye area - not the whole face. If you want to use an overall face powder and set your concealer with it, I would recommend going for their loose translucent one.

I have a personal struggle with setting my under eye concealer and this is the only powder that has worked so far. 

It is an essential product for professional makeup artists and can be used by any skin tone. It adds a lightening boost to the under eye area because it contains white pigment. I repeat: it is recommended to use only to set the under eyes and not the face! Except if you have an area that you might want to brighten or lighten! 

I wouldn’t recommend doing the following:

  1. Using it on dry skin types - it might be better to avoid powders but if you want to use it - use a tiny bit with a stippling or fluffy brush and dust it off well.

  2. This product contains a soft shimmer to act as a highlighter on the skin, and is a light texture, so would probably not work well for baking. If you want to bake with it though, then make sure that you dust off the excess well before going on with the rest of your day.

Overall, it’s worth the price and the hype. It is a high performing product and a must in your kit if you want to target the under eye area.

What type of powder do you use to set your under eyes? Do you always set your concealer with powder? We are curious to know! Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


  • If you decide to bake with it -which is not recommended, make sure that your beauty blender is a bit wet.




Photo: Courtesy of Laura Mercier

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