Keep me Fit



Ready in: Just a couple of minutes!

Serves: 2, one for each eye.

Difficulty: None, a good application tool such as the recommended will make your life easier. 

0 calories, we promise.



  • Beautyblender or your favorite sponge
  • An eyeshadow blending brush


  • Yes, it's a good concealer overall.


  1. Overall a good concealer.
  2. It is long lasting. 
  3. It has buildable medium coverage.


Happy Saturday everyone. Although I slept well today and my dark circles are fading (thank God) I wanted to discuss about the magic of concealers. It is the most important step of my makeup routine to the extent that an alternative name for the site could be “Coffee and Concealer". I’ve been trying a lot of concealers lately. I want to find something new and exciting. Actually, no. I’ve been trying a lot of concealers since I was a teenager, but I am going through phases of trying every product out there or loving one product so much that I can use it for years; I know that because I keep most of my empty containers. In this case let’s say that I have a box of empty concealers. I know, I know, the concealer hunt has been a real struggle my whole life (this sounds so dramatic). Concealer is one of the first things that I started using when I started doing makeup and I rarely go out without any on. Everyone that knows me, knows my affection with concealers. I swear I am working on it!

Maybelline FIT me is an old/new find. I've used it in the past and I liked it but (as I am always on the hunt) I found new concealers and I sort of forgot about it. I rediscovered this product a couple of months ago, and lately I’ve been using it on clients. They seem to like it a lot. It’s nice when you rediscover products in your kit that work well! I was skimming through some YouTube videos and many celebrity makeup artists still use it! So, I decided why not try once again?

It’s consistency is light and the product feels lightweight when applied, plus It’s easy to blend. I would describe it as a more yellow undertone concealer, at least the lighter shades. It has 12 shades in total which I find promising and the last 6 which are for dark skin tones have recently been added to the original 6. The only drawback is that the fairest shade would not be that suitable to fair skin tones. It looks slightly yellowish. 

I’ve found that the best ways to apply this concealer are:

  1. With a beauty blender, this helps to keep it crease free (especially on my eyes - because I rarely powder my concealer, it feels too dry).
  2. With a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush.

I am my most difficult client to be honest! However, I love finding new products and discovering new ways to apply concealer without having heavy and dry under-eyes. Also, I love to share these tips and tricks with you, to make your life easier!  Makeup is all about feeling good and improving our confidence. For me concealer is something that helps this immensely and although I am fighting my dark circles on a daily basis, it has helped me learn all these new ways of how to bring everyone’s best face forward. It is true that with a little bit of concealer and mascara you can do wonders! (Don’t forget your SPF).

It is quite good for spot concealing too but don’t expect wonders when it comes to zits. I would prefer if it came in small air pump bottles - but that’s my inner makeup artist voice coming to the forefront. Pricewise, it is an affordable concealer and this is always a huge ++. Maybelline has done a great job with their concealers I would say!

For better results you can set it lightly with Laura Mercier translucent powder - or any other powder of your choice. It won’t move - I promise. It is not my holy grail concealer, we have talked about the Age Rewind many times before but an overall good product that performs well and the price is great.

Maybe I should write an article dedicated to concealers and dark circles? Or two separate ones? What do you think? Leave your comment below!



  1. If you have prominent dark circles use a color corrector before applying your concealer.

  2. You can layer your concealers, if you want more coverage - try layering FIT me below with a more brightening concealer on top applied with a beauty blender.

  3. Tap don't rub! 





Photo: Courtesy of: Maybelline

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