The Rose Gold Recipe:


Ready in: 5-10 minutes (depends on the look you are going for)

Serves: For you and possibly your BFF

Difficulty: Medium to hard, personally I wouldn't recommend it for starters

0 calories , rose gold compliments you 


  • A good blending brush
  • Good lighting & mirror
  • A shader brush
  • and your fingertips!


  • Yes, if you are a bit experienced with makeup


  1. A difficult palette to use if you don’t have advanced knowledge on how to use different textured eyeshadows.
  2. The color palette is amazing and the shadows have a great color payoff.
  3. It can be the only palette you take on a trip because it will cover every single look you are going for from day to night.


I first saw this palette when Huda Beauty launched in Selfridges and swatched it right then and there! Chaos is the only word I can use for the amount of people around the counter. Too many girls and boys - waiting patiently around a cosmetics isle (such a cliche!). I had to go there to have a quick look but immediately left. I like to have my own time and space when I buy makeup; as a professional I am constantly creating many potential looks in my imagination. I am always beyond excited to use and experiment with new colors and textures because the possibilities are endless! 

I was a bit sad seeing as how I was looking forward to witnessing in person what the hype was all about. I didn’t give up though! I went back to Oxford street bright and early to avoid all the hustle and bustle of central London. To be honest I wasn’t all alone at the counter (wish I was though) but at least I was able to swatch and test everything. This palette just caught my eye and my heart immediately. I don’t know if it was about the colors, the name or my obsession with all things rose gold lately. I knew I wanted to add this to my collection. Retailing at the price of £56.00 ($65.00) I started having seconds thoughts because I had spent my monthly cosmetic allowance already. Not an unusual thing for me though! So, I told myself to wait for a bit - self control in not buying cosmetics is a skill that I’ve been trying to acquire for years now. I can say that I am in a good path (at least). I already had too many shadows and too many palettes. 

Sometimes it’s not only about buying the latest releases but also making the most of what you have in the best way possible! Keep that in mind, it applies to many sectors of our life and not just cosmetics. I ended up waiting. Don’t they say when you really want something the universe conspires? I know I’m being a little bit hopeful here but bear with me. I ended up getting my hands on this palette a year after the official launch. Due to work, I kept buying all sorts of other stuff and kept skipping on its purchase. My amazing BFF remembered how much I liked this palette and got it as a Christmas gift for me. She just knows me too well. I started using it the same night. Let’s get into the juicy little details now. I will explain how things work with this palette!

Firstly, it has 3 types of eye-shadow finish : 

1 .Matte 

2. Satin (Pearl)

3. Pressed glitter (3D metal shadows)

I have read plenty of reviews, bad and good. All I can say is, when you buy something, you first read the instructions and try to find out how things work. For example, the pressed glitter (aluminium/foil) has its own way of use in order to make the most of it. Glitter and pressed glitter cannot blend as an eye shadow. This is not the purpose of it. For a wearable glitter eye look, you should place glitter in specific areas that you want to bring more attention to, for example the inner corner of the eye or in the centre of the lid. 

What caught my eye in the first place, were those glitter shadows. You know, it’s all about that sparkle! It was something different from what you see in the other palettes giving you the choice to create looks ranging from total glam to the most natural no makeup-makeup look. The palette has 3 shadows with that texture. Dubai, Rosegold and Trustfund. (See close-up picture below). Glitter is always tricky. You can either use your finger to press and apply the glitter on your eyelids for more pigmentation or use something like Duraline from Inglot to have a more sparse and glittery effect and make sure at the same time that your glittery eyeshadow will stay in place. 

Palette Close up:

Photo: Courtesy of

Moving on to the mattes, Bossy, Flamingo, Shy, Bae, Blacktruffle, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna and Sandalwood.

I love the color palette, they are all warm and feminine shades and make your eye color pop too. The pigmentation is great and the shadows are buildable. I would recommend using a natural fibre blending brush or a crease brush to make your life easier - if you are going for the more natural look. Natural fibre brushes work better with these type of eyeshadows. The amazing thing is that you can wear all the colors day and night because the payoff transitions so much when you change the medium you are applying the shadow with. For more intensity in specific areas you can literally apply it with your index finger. These particular matte shadows are more difficult to blend and if you are not experienced enough you might be disappointed. I would recommend starting with less amount of shadow on the brush. Remember to build up the intensity slowly, if you are just starting with makeup. They have a bit of a fall-off in the pan (nothing too serious) but no fall out while using them. See the swatches below!



Photo: Courtesy of HUDA Beauty

Finally, the pearl shadows : Fling, 24K, Angelic, #Blessed and Moonlight, are quite easy to use, blend easily and are amazing colors to spice things up in every matte eye look that you do. Again, same here - you can build the intensity with a blending brush wear them from day to night. 

My final verdict is that it’s a palette that has a nice texture and color balance. This gives you the opportunity to do infinite eye-looks and the ability to experiment with different textures without having to carry glitter and glue with you! But it's important to know how to use them and be a bit more on the experienced side. I wouldn’t recommend it for starters. Maybe if you develop your skills a bit further and learn how to blend a shadow extremely well, you can go for it; this particular formula needs a lot of blending. I find myself reaching for this palette daily even for one color. It does make a difference in my eye-looks and I get tons of compliments for my makeup when using it ;) I know the price for a palette like this is a bit high. It's one of the main reasons I personally hesitated to buy it. It’s not a basic palette for your collection but it gives that little extra something. It’s a definite yes from me. Also, I would say this palette is very hands on which I personally love as a makeup artist but I understand that not all the people want to do that!

Do you have any recommendations, ideas or new ways that you use this palette? We love to learn new tips and tricks so if you have any leave it in the comments below :)

GOOD Blending!



Photo: Courtesy of HUDA Beauty

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