A Little Eye Sparkle

The pearl recipe:


Ready in: 2-3 minutes

Serves: For your pretty eyes only

Difficulty: easy, even if you're just starting now with loose eyeshadows 

0 calories , it's glitter


  • A close up mirror
  • Good lighting
  • An eye defining brush


  • Yes!


  1. Affordable pigments, especially if you are one who frequents them in looks
  2. Packaging and cap are safe- no one wants glitter all over their makeup bag
  3. Tiniest amount on brush does the trick
  4. No fall-out. Carefully dust off excess before applying on the lid


Let's start with an announcement: these beautiful pearl eyeshadows are currently on sale for $2. Can you even get a coffee for that much? If you're a Starbucks lover, I'm guessing no. With two dollars, you can get a tiny bottle of an illuminating eyeshadow that will never leave your makeup collection. No, EQ does not represent NYX cosmetics; we're all about the good sale.  

I’ve recently concluded that my favorite part of a makeup routine is the eye makeup. I have a slight palette obsession, always on the hunt for the next one. I have liquid, single pots, cream texture and loose eyeshadow. You’d think that’s enough, let me enlighten you and say it’s not. This long opening statement is a friendly warning of all the eye posts that you’ll be seeing often here! 

When I got my hands on this product and realized its potential I couldn’t stop sharing it with friends and clients. Granted, the price is unbeatable, it’s also a well-performing product that can transform any makeup look. I used to fear using loose glitter in my looks. In previous attempts, it’d either transfer all over the lid and stick to my eyeliner and lashes or it’d make its way all over my face. I wish I could say there was tons of buzz regarding this product and that’s what made me buy it; it was pure curiosity. I was on the NYX website on cyber Monday a few years ago (guilty) picking up some of my usual favorites and landed on the loose pearl eyeshadows. With no swatches, no idea of color performance, I put in the order with these two colors. 

The first shade I used was "Sky Pink". I felt as if it'd be an easier color to start with and figure out the performance of the product. Even though the bottles are the tiniest one can imagine, the least amount of product is more than enough to work with. I use the cap as a serving and mixing plate. The key with loose eyeshadows is to work slowly. It's better to pick up less product and build from there, rather than having your entire eyeshadow brush covered in glitter. This color is easy to work with. I find that it can be applied on the entire lid if blended properly or even used for a cut crease. I will admit to avoid using textures like this for morning time; mostly matte colors for day looks. This color is perfect to apply on the center of the lid as well to truly make your look stand out.

Even though "Sky Pink" is an easier color to use, I will say that out of the two, "Orange zest" is my favorite. I find it to be such a unique color and unlike anything else I have in my collection. There are a few different shades of orange in the ABH Renaissance palette, yet this still stands out. During the summer it is my absolute go-to eyeshadow. The faintest hint of this color, instantly makes your eyes pop up and the center of attention. Even if I decide to fully pack my lid with this product, it still blends extremely well and is long-lasting. 

Without a doubt, these loose eyeshadows are easy to work with, even if one lacks in the skills department. Start with picking up the least amount of product and blend, blend, blend. It only adds to the pros list that they are oh so affordable. Thanks to them being so affordable, it's easy to start experimenting with these loose eyeshadows rather than moving to something more high-end. If you're on the fence as to which color to grab first, I'd suggest "Sky Pink". It'll compliment all eye looks, regardless of what other colors you choose to pair it with. 

Are there other well-performing loose eyeshadows on the market we should try out? Don't worry about my eyeshadow addiction, it's under control! Leave your comments below as always with suggestions and ideas. 




Photo: Courtesy of NYX

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