Enchanté Monsieur



Ready in: Just a couple of minutes!

Serves: Plenty, especially if the tube stays properly closed and stored

Difficulty: None, it’s easy to use even from the first stroke

0 calories, we promise.


  • The wand itself is the perfect tool


  • Yes, it’s one of my favorite mascara choices ATM.


  1. Big volume mascara that glides onto lashes

  2. Noticeable results even by the first stroke

  3. Soft, wavy fibers to deliver perfect amount of product


What is a makeup look without the perfect mascara? Even on no makeup-makeup days, mascara is not a step we’ll be skipping! Believe it or not, we have a different mascara for every look we’re going for. This makes us try countless tubes of mascara with different brushes, bristle length, color payoff and overall performance. While on the quest, shortly after the launch of this Lancôme mascara, we decided to purchase it as well.

Let me start by stating, that this mascara immediately made an amazing first impression on me, because from the start its application was impeccable. At the first stroke, I noticed a lift on my lashes. Thankfully, I've been blessed with thick long lashes. This means I’m quite picky with the mascara I choose to use. Usually, I’ll need several coats of mascara for that perfect lift. With Lancôme’s Monsieur, even from the first stroke, I noticed a difference. There was volume and length, without clamping my lashes together.

This mascara has an ultra-creamy formula that glides on the lashes. The brush is made of soft, wavy fibers to deliver the perfect amount even from the first stroke. It claims to have a hold of 24 hours, but I can’t vouch for that since I’ve never wanted to wear mascara for an entire day. I wouldn’t recommend that either because why hinder our eyes with product for so long? However, I’ve worn it out for close to 12 hours and I’m happy to report it did not irritate my eyes whatsoever. It did not flake, and I did not notice any transfer on my lids. As a personal preference, I do not apply mascara on my bottom lashes. Since the brush is quite large, I’d suggest applying it as gently as possible and applying most of the product on the base of the lash line. Alternatively, there is a waterproof version of this mascara as well that might work best to meet the needs of the bottom lashes as well.

Since the brush is so large, it might not be ideal for small lashes. Although it does offer both volume and length, it might be harder to work with since the brush, due to its size, has picked up so much product. The mini size of this mascara has a smaller brush, so that would be a better option to avoid smudging due to smaller, shorter lashes. Keep in mind that this mascara is not oil-free so it shouldn’t be used with lash extensions since the glue of the extensions will not work well with the oil of the mascara formula.

How many favorite mascara tubes can a person have? Imagine gathering all of EQ’s favorites and testing them out. I’m always ecstatic when I find a great one that stands out of the crowd and works wonders for my lashes.

Which mascara should we try next? Any thoughts on the Hourglass one? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts



  1. Keep the tube properly closed and stored to ensure its longevity.

  2. A lash curler prior to mascara application is always a bonus to add some volume and length.





Photo: Courtesy of Lancôme

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