Glow for the Eyes



Ready in: Just a couple of minutes!

Serves: Plenty, conceals eyes, highlights bridge of nose

Difficulty: None, a good application tool such as the recommended will make your life easier. 

0 calories, we promise.


  • Beautyblender or your favorite sponge


  • Yes, it’s lightweight and hydrating


  1. Long-wearing formula, it lasts on our skin all day

  2. Can be used as a concealer and a strobing product

  3. Doesn’t settle in fine lines

  4. Appropriate choice for pink and yellow undertones


Welcome to yet another concealer article here on this wonderful platform! While it might seem excessive to continuously discuss concealers, we have tried and tested many different ones and we’ve discovered several uses for each concealer. Since the market offers a plethora of concealers, we’re obliged to narrow down the list! Even for us, it gets overwhelming when we have too many products so we try our best to discover the gems and share the knowledge. This concealer has been in the EQ family for years and years and it’s not leaving our vanity anytime soon!

Now, we’ve discussed full coverage concealers, the creamy ones that are ideal for dark circles and now we’re talking about a lightweight formula that is ideal for those no makeup-makeup days. Estêe Lauder rarely disappoints us with products and in this case it has created the perfect concealer that can also serve as a highlighter depending on one’s needs. It is easy to apply, remains in place and blends into the skin so it leaves a natural look (if the shade is the right one of course.) The packaging is sleek, easy to spot on our vanity and quick to use. The brush is amazingly soft and applies like a dream. The formula is ideally lightweight, light and reflective. It is definitely not a full coverage concealer so it won’t do much for dark circles. However, for those with dark circle concerns, this concealer can be layered on top of a full coverage one. It offers an illuminating finish, without enhancing the dark circles. A bit of product under the eyes will instantly make a difference. Seeing as how it’s such a lightweight formula, a damp beautyblender, a concealer brush or even your fingers can work the product in.

To dispense product, simply twist the bottom of the pen and liquid will start appearing on the bristles. As always, less is more so no need to start twisting like crazy; try using a bit of product first and then build. It can be applied under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, to conceal blemishes, brighten shadows and minimize imperfections all around. What better way to showcase the product than to walk you through my quick routine with this concealer, right? After properly washing my face and applying sunscreen, I decide to skip any foundation or tinted moisturizer as it is a good skin day and pick up my trustee concealer. I’ll usually place a few dots of it under my eyes, the bridge of my nose and spot conceal any red spots I might have. After I blend everything, I revisit the areas to make sure I don’t need more. I’m usually content with the results right away and because it’s such a lightweight product there is absolutely no need to set it with powder. Once I’m done with the face and content with results, mascara and lip balm complete the look.

This is a holy grail item for us and we can’t think of any reason not to recommend it. We hope the company keeps the formula as is as to we don’t see a need for improvement. Of course, an extension of the shade range would be good so we’re hoping for more in the future. It does exactly what it says it’ll do and we’re always happy with the results.

We are looking forward to your recommendations too! Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts



  1. Since it’s such a lightweight formula it can easily be blended. Try different tools to see which ones work for you the best.





Photo: Courtesy of Estèe Lauder

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