Glossy lids



Ready in: A few seconds. One of the easiest products we've ever used

Serves: Plenty, as you don't need a lot 

Difficulty: None whatsoever

0 calories, it is not appealing to eat.


  • A clear and clean lid


  • Yes, absolutely. 


  1. Leaves the lids with a dewy and hydrating shine
  2. Easy to use with a pen applicator 
  3. Ideal product for the no makeup-makeup days


We're constantly talking about the no makeup-makeup look and we love building a kit that has products only for this purpose. There are more days than none where we prefer a bare, minimum makeup face. This product is on the top of our list for days such as this one. Think of this article as a GRWM routine as I walk you through the steps of today's look. 

When I know I'll be using this product, I'll apply it first as it needs more time to set. On bare lids, I'll twist the pen to disperse a bit of gloss and I directly apply it on my eyes. There is no need for a primer or any type of powder based item beforehand. It is best applied on its own. I use the applicator to place it in the center of my lids and use my fingers to dab it on and pick up any excess product. The applicator is quite good but I don't use it because I always feel that it applies more gloss than what I'm looking for. I've noticed that it doesn't transfer from my lid to the rest of the eye but for smaller eyes that might be an issue. The only thing I've found that helps is to thoroughly dab the product in with my fingers to make it set as much as possible. It's such a simple product yet things can get messy with gloss. And with that, the lid work is done. I'll continue with a light hand of a BB cream, some blush and of course mascara!

This is where it might get tricky as you have to be careful when applying endless coats of mascara. The gloss picks up the product in a matter of seconds. Get as close to the mirror as possible to work on the lashes. If it's a smudge disaster and you desperately need the mascara, try and apply it on the ends to create some length. Admittedly it's tricky but it'll work in the end! Last but vital step, the magic of the setting spray. The setting spray truly helps the gloss stay in tact so be generous when applying it. Sometimes, I'll grab some of the gloss and apply it on my lips as well with my fingers. We work with what we have and I'm an avid fan of multi-purpose products even if that wasn't the original intention. 

What is your quick makeup routine you'd like to share with us? Are you a fan of the glossy lids trend? Let us know in the comments below. 



  1. Careful when applying mascara! We don't want the tips to smudge on the gloss
  2. Avoid glossy products if your eyes get easily irritated. 




Photo: Courtesy of 3ina

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