3 Of a Kind



Ready in: 2-3 minutes

Serves: For your pretty eyes only

Difficulty: None, we can properly apply mascara in our sleep. Don't worry, we don't actually do that. 

0 calories, we promise  


  • A close up mirror
  • Good lighting


  • Yes and No! Keep reading, we don't want to confuse you. 


  1. Three different kinds of mascara the EQ team has tried out for you!
  2. Having one perfect mascara will make your life easier.
  3. Two out of the three we keep on repurchasing. Find out more below


I don't know a single person who dislikes applying mascara. It's not a step we tend to skip in our routine, right? I know people who survive (drama, I know) without blush, bronzer or even a little bit of glow, however I have yet to come across a person who doesn't want volumizing lashes. We're certainly the mascara kind of people and even though we have our personal favorites, see here, we're still trying out different kinds. We have here three different tubes to discuss. Spoiler alert: one will not be returning to the collection. Let's get started.

Three words could perfectly describe the first mascara you see pictured above. Timeless, volumizing and classic. It’s one of Estée Lauder's best sellers. The brush has medium size bristles that makes it easy to use from beginners to advanced makeup artists. What I like about the formula of this mascara is that I can coat my bottom lashes too - which is rare for me because most of the mascaras smudge on my eyes and have fall-out. This one doesn’t smear nor has any fallout. Something I particularly enjoy about this mascara is that it gives flattery eyelashes although you have to work a little bit with it on your lashes. The first coat application (when the mascara is brand new) leaves a lot of product on the lashes. But if you work with it and keep working the wand, the product glides like a dream evenly and it leaves you with dark, rich and volumized lashes. It does not clump and when the product is about to finish it still gives you a nice application. Let me leave you with a little secret. When applying this mascara to yourself and want to reach the full volume potential you can place the wand near the roots and close your eye softly like you are blinking. This will give you a nice natural and volumizing result. It lasts all day long even if it’s not the waterproof formula and it’s a great mascara for beginners too. It’s a genuinely good product.  

Moving on to the Marc Jacobs mascara, I have only positive things to say about this product. Let's start with the brush. The bristles are extremely easy to work with. They are thick enough but not to the point that they make the lashes stick together. For me, it's one of the few mascara where the product in the tube doesn’t clump together. What I've noticed happening with other similar products is when I pull the wand out, it has chunks of product on it. I've been thoroughly impressed with the amount of product, its wet formula and payoff. I’ve never once encountered an issue where it transfers on my lids. Safe to say it’s longwearing and comfortable. I have an issue after wearing mascara for too many hours where my eyes start getting watery and sting. After trying dozens on the market, this one has yet to make my eyes sting. Even though the brand is high end and the drugstore has a plethora of more affordable options, I find the price to be reasonable considering the amount of product and payoff you get from this product. It’s 100% a yes for me and I’ll keep on repurchasing. Added bonus, no need to apply many coats.

Lastly, the Up and Out Double Mascara. This one recently made its way into my collection. A gift from a friend, to test and write about of course. I should start by stating that I’m almost never impressed by double-sided mascara. Both ends never work the same for me. I'll usually end up only using one side. In the case of this mascara, it's not as if it performed poorly; it just didn't do much for my lashes. After applying several coats, it still felt as if my lashes hadn't reached maximum potential. I naturally have long and thick lashes, so it's not that hard to volumize them. Throughout the day when I do my normal check-ins, I noticed from the first check-in that my lashes looked as if there was no product on them. Even the intensity of the black color it's supposed to add was completely gone. I might as well have stepped out with no mascara. I did apply several coats to make it work and noticed that it made my lashes stick together. Let's be honest, nobody wants that happening! I'm curious to know if this would perhaps work better on someone with small lashes. Perhaps the difference will be visible there! 


When you think of a classic mascara, what comes to mind? Let us know in the comments below!  



  1. Use an eyelash curler and then apply mascara. It makes a huge difference.
  2. If it seems as if the product is drying up, apply two drops of the Inglot Duraline gel
  3. To avoid mascara transfer, especially with wet formulas, first use a setting spray and then go ahead with the mascara application.





Photo: Courtesy of: Marc Jacobs, Amazon, Estée Lauder

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