Caramel Candy Eyes



Ready in: 10 minutes

Serves: For your pretty eyes only

Difficulty: medium - depends on your blending skills!

0 calories , Pair it with your favorite sweater and you are good to go! 



  • A close up mirror
  • Good lighting
  • Blending brush


  • Perfect for F/W looks!


  1. Rich- textured colors
  2. Great payoff and long-lasting formula
  3. Affordable for product you get and its quality


< Eyeshadow Swatches ;)

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Left to Right: 1.Wax Paper 2.Universal Delight 3.Aftertaste 4.182°C 5.Liquid Center 6.Alchemy 7.Start Soft 8.Finish Sensual 9.Almost Burnt 10.Edible Gem



It was one of these days, I found myself wondering around Shelfridge's beauty isles for hours trying and testing new products. I'm sure we all share the same interest, don't deny it. This particular day I was on a mission; on the lookout for a new palette with warm/orangy shades similar to those in the NAKED HEAT palette. Why you ask not the UD palette itself? I was interested in finding a more affordable version. I found myself looking at the ZOEVA stand and its products. It was not long ago that I'd heard some influencers comparing the Caramel Melange to the Naked Heat. I decided to examine the palette myself and somehow ended up at the checkout, credit card in hand, paying for my newest purchase. In my defense, I absolutely liked the color combination and I started thinking all the fall looks this palette would help me bring to life. I started with some late summer- early fall/winter looks with this palette. I find it to be a great match for all skin colors with a satisfying color payoff. The price and the pigmentation of the palette were alluring so I decided to give it a try. I noticed right away the shadows are pigmented and finely milled with a nice balance of matte and metallic shadows.

Here is a breakdown of each shade matching the photo above from left to right: 

  • Wax Paper (No.1):  Looks nice color-wise with a good pigmentation but at the end of the day I don't really use it. I would prefer a metallic cream/white to use as a highlighting shade under the brow bone and in the inner corner so I won't have to reach for another shadow instead. 
  • Universal Delight (No.2): It's a warm, soft toffee color for the mornings. I use it a lot when I am going for a no makeup-makeup look!
  • Aftertaste (No.3):  The matte star of the palette! When applied, gives a pop of color you didn't know you needed at first. This is the color that'll skyrocket your look.  
  • 182° C (No.4) and Liquid Center (No.5):  Both colors have similar results: Liquid center has a tad more bronzed/metallic color payoff which makes me reach for it more when doing smokey looks (that means often).
  • Alchemy (No.6) & Start Soft (No.7):  These two shades are alike as well with almost the same result when applied on the lids. I would prefer if they'd opt for a different shade rather than two colors with similar payoff. 
  • Finish Sensual (No.8):  Perfect transitional matte shade, day to night, essential for any look you decide to go with. 
  • Almost Burnt (No.9):  This truly is a perfect golden shade. Even if I'm using another palette for a look, I find myself reaching for this one in particular each time. 
  • Edible Gem (No.10):  Edible Gem and Almost Burnt are an amazing combo! I've always been in love with the purple-y shades and this one is perfect to finish a smokey eye. (Christmas parties are coming)


In comparison with the Naked Heat Palette from Urban Decay ($54), it's definitely worth the price - but it's missing some of the color variety to make it a one-palette makeup look. Also, I find the Naked Heat palette is slightly more finely milled and smoother than the Caramel Melange; inconsequential differences to say the least. 


All in all it's worth the price and the quality; shadows are quite smooth and blendable. You can create different looks from morning to night and something extra delicious when using the shade Aftertaste! I think it's worth the hype!


(New article coming soon on how to use these two - who's excited?!)

Have you heard of any other dupe palettes for the UD? We would love to give them a try!

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