Playing With Crayons


Ready in: 2-3 minutes

Serves: For your pretty eyes only

Difficulty: easy

0 calories , Plus it gives you an amazing wing ;)



  • A close up mirror
  • Good lighting


  • Yes!


  1. Rich- textured colors
  2. Great payoff
  3. Affordable and long-lasting


When I discovered these pencils, I remember thinking to myself: why aren’t others talking about them? At the time, all I would hear on Youtube were the Colourpop pencils, and all I’d see on display in stores was the “Le crayon khôl” pencils by Chanel. I was skeptical to spend $30 on an eye pencil, especially since the swatches left me unimpressed. I decided to succumb to the Colourpop trend and was greatly disappointed; the pencil tip broke after a few uses. (sigh).

These L’oreal pencils arrived at my doorstep as a gift, from a close friend of mine. She saw them and thought I’d love to give them a try. I swatched them right away and fell in love with the buttery texture. They felt comfortable and light-weight, which is everything I want in a pencil, especially one that spends time around my eyes. The brown shade is ideal for the days you don’t feel like going with a black liner. Addiotionaly, you can buff it out with your fingers or a precision brush to create a smudged eye look.

Same love is shown to the violet shade, which looks amazing in the waterline, especially for us brown-eyed creatures. Similar to the brown pencil, the violet shade creates an eccentric wing that can either stay barely visible or can be quite intense, depending on your handle of it.

I’m thoroughly impressed by these pencils. Price aside, the payoff is pleasing and I find them extremely easy to work with it, even if today is the first day you start playing around with makeup.


  • You need a larger sharpener than the standard size!

Have you heard about these pencils or any other shades worth trying? Sound off in the comments below?

Till’ next time



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