Liquid Gold

The recipe of gold:

Ready in: 5 minutes (personal record score anyone)?

Serves: for you and your bestie

Difficulty: Easy 

0 calories, blends amazingly well



  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Mirror
  • Good lighting and your fingers to blend


  • OFC


  1. Practical to carry around

  2. Quick eyelook with one product

  3. Can be used as a highlighter


I’m the person that walks into an H&M store and heads to the makeup section. Even though one supposedly goes there to score good deals on outfits, I feel the need to keep up with new releases, yes even at H&M. It might pleasantly surprise you how many good finds I’ve rounded up from their beauty department. This is how I came across the liquid eyeshadows. I first swatched on my arm and was pleasantly surprised at how rich the formula is along with the smooth metallic sheen you get. Keep in mind; it’s a metallic sheen that can be worn day to night, depending on how intense you go with the rest of your makeup. I quickly grabbed the shades Simply Mauvellous and Shifting sands and started using them in my everyday makeup look. The thing I absolutely, wholeheartedly love about this product, is that you do not need any other tool to make it work. You simply slide it on your eyelid and you can curve out your crease with the wand itself. Yes, it’s that good. A quick fix or adjustment can be done with your fingers. Other than that, they’re quite possibly one of the easiest makeup items I own. I recommend it to all my friends who are just now dipping their toes into makeup, simply because it does not need that much work. It’s an item you can have in your purse all day and do a quick after-work look without spending too much time. And aren’t we all trying to save some time?  

I have discovered more hidden gems at the beauty section of H&M which I’ll be sharing soon here. Any other products you’d like us to try out?

Eager to read your thoughts.


  • Pro tip: light shades work as fantastic highlighters. I’d recommend swatching on hand first, pick up with your fingers and gently tap on high points of face.



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