Bend it Like Grandiose


Ready in: Let's be honest, a perfect wing takes time

Serves: Just you. Don't try this on others, please.

Difficulty: medium to high

0 calories, if anything you put in a workout to make it work


  • A close up mirror
  • Good lighting

  • Tons of patience


  • Hard Pass!


  1. Pricey for so little product

  2. Extremely patchy and transferable 

  3. Smart bendable wand, especially for beginners


Risky move to start with a much talked about, YouTube hyped item but I feel that there is still room to discuss. Let’s start with some basic details. As Lancôme states, “it is the 1st ever 35 degree bendable wand with 2 stable positions, allowing for close access to the lash line.”

That alone makes you imagine a magic wand that will help you, if not do it alone, create the perfect wing. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by a bad wing. It takes practice, attention to detail and at the end of the day, your eyes might still not look the same. And then comes the Grandiôse Liner, which promises an easy, effortless wing. I bought this eyeliner with high hopes, even though the price seemed a bit on the extreme side once I saw how much product was in the bottle. I had a 25% discount at Sephora and decided to purchase and proceeded to do my makeup for the night. Full disclosure, I did swatch the liner at the store and there was a lack of pigmentation. I assumed that the bottle could be almost done; nonetheless I mostly wanted to get a sense of the applicator, especially the tip.

After completing my eyeshadow look, I proceeded to tackle the infamous wing. While the applicator and its wing are quite handy, the pigmentation of the eyeliner, was once again disappointing. Applying the line more than once and filling in the blanks made the wing look patchy. No need to bore you with details; this went on for quite some time. After I managed to somehow make it work (being a professional and all) I went along with my day. During my usual check ups in front of a mirror when I try out a new product, I noticed the line started to “break up”. It was no longer a line, more so a stream of dots pressed on my otherwise perfect eye shadow. I ended up giving the product a couple more tries, even did a friend’s makeup using it, only to see the same thing happening again. After a couple attempts, the bottle seemed to be completely dried up. 


While I love Lancôme as a company and enjoy quite a majority of their products, I would say that this is a pass for me. Too much hustle, for something that can be easily done with other-much more affordable- products. However, because I’m keen on making things work,  (when returning it isn’t an option) go ahead and save the applicator; test it out with other gel eyeliners, especially those in pots. If anything, it’ll help you angle an acceptable wing. I would suggest saving your money and investing in products that will truly help you with your finished look and be long-lasting.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this product. Any lovers out there who made it work?



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