Battle of the eyeshadow primers

today's recipe:

Ready in: 2 minutes 

Serves for: pretty much everyone

Difficulty: Easy. Piece of cake. Is anyone thinking about cake now?

0 calories. Kind of like water


  • A mirror
  • Your trust fingers or a small eye buffing brush 


  •  OFC!


  1. Eye shadow primers are essential in a routine.

  2. I have three (maybe more, who’s counting) because I have noticed that some work with specific eyeshadows better.

  3. Whichever one you end up choosing will not disappoint you


Today, Equalia Beauty will be reviewing for you, three fan favorite eye shadow primers. Remember the simple days when we did our makeup with no primer whatsoever? We’d dip our finger in an eye shadow color and swipe it across our lid. Those were the happy days, looking crazy with some black color all over our eye. (Admit it, we’ve all been there). Since primers have become an intricate part of our makeup routine, we present to you our top three choices.


1st up we have the MAC 24hr extended eye base

This has been a favorite of mine for the longest time. Perfect texture, doesn’t stick on the eyelids, easy to apply and above all, does not change the color of the shadows. This is a great primer for an everyday use, does not require setting and is in fact long lasting. Worth every penny and I keep on repurchasing it.


Next on our list is the Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion

Firstly, can we acknowledge how uber cool the name is? It’s a potion and to some it actually does magic. It’s a trusty primer that locks in any type of eyeshadow and is in fact long wearing. Truth be told I have only tried the original one, I’m aware that there are different primers for more specific goals, however I find that to be terribly confusing. My only downside to this primer is that if you don’t set it with either a translucent powder or a neutral colored shade, it tends to crease. Small price to pay for an amazing product though.


Last but not least, is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

This primer is the most recent one added to my collection. Even though I was perfectly satisfied with the two mentioned above, I wanted to give it a fair shot. Keep in mind that something that works for me, I do not tend to deviate from it. However, for the purposes of sharing knowledge, I worked with this primer for some time. Something that stood out about this primer is its smooth texture and long wear. It claims to work against creasing and I can vouch for that.


If I had to only live with one primer for the remaining of my adventurous life, it would be the MAC 24hr extended eye base. This primer has never failed me, works with any type of eye shadow, no matter the formula and does in fact keep everything in place.

What more can a girl ask for in a primer?



Anxiously awaiting your thoughts, comments and recommendations for my future try-outs.



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