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Photo: Courtesy of Cult Beauty

Photo: Courtesy of Cult Beauty

Ready in: Less than a minute, enjoy it

Serves: Affected from acne areas

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, men don't care about calories!



  • None. Clean fingertrips do the trick


  • Yes! This will change the game for acne prone skin. 


  1. A beautifully curated acne serum to deal with all the troubling issues of the skin
  2. Organic, natural ingredients for the most part
  3. Can be used on all skin types


We're always working on the improvement of the skin. Whether it's acne, oily or dry skin and sporadic spots, we're on the hunt for products that work. An issue that occurs on almost all skin types, is the appearance of zits, acne spots. Those ones in particular need a bit more attention and sometimes more specific treatment. For most people, acne occurs in the early teen years, so I'm certain we've all had our fair share of different products to try and deal with this issue. The question at hand is, what works for each person long-term to see the desired results? We've had our eye on this brand and product for quite some time now and we're happy to report how excited we are about the results. 

This product is of a Danish company, Ecooking, and features natural ingredients found in one's kitchen. Founder Tina Søgaard, started hand-mixing raw ingredients at her kitchen table, to treat her own skin issues. Soon enough, she started making products for those around her as well which resulted in an entire line of versatile products to work wonders on the skin. This item is considered the "ideal antidote" to oily, acne-prone skin. This serum works by preventing bacteria from thriving on the surface of the skin. It takes care of small blemishes and breakouts. Thanks to its 100% vegan mark, it can be used on the entire face. Although if not necessary, try to limit its use on spot treatment. This works great on the chin and cheeks where we have excessive hormonal breakouts. 

After washing the face and using a toner, grab this bottle and start the cooking. Although the directions of use indicate to apply this on the hands first and then the face, I usually go for a Q-tip, especially if I need spot treatment. Call me crazy, I'll use a different Q-tip for every spot. I don't plan on transferring the bacteria all over my face. However, if the preferred use is an overall face serum, gently apply some on fingertips and then on the entire face. I'd suggest using this at night time, as to avoid any exposure to the sun. Usually with products that are for acne prone skin, it's best to apply them as the last step of a skincare routine and at night. Of course the use of a proper SPF during the day is always required in cases like this to protect the skin as much as possible. 

While the price might be seen as hefty, the results are riveting. Ideally, this serum will work long-term and keep the skin clean and clear. However, if the problem is consistent and ever-growing, a closer look to one's hormones, diet or stress levels is always recommended. If we don't take care of what is within us, it'll be even harder to address the issues on the surface. 

Is this a product you'd be willing to try? We're deciding which item we should add to our cart next. We feel that we'll be loving this brand as it grows. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


  • If acne is something you've been dealing with long enough, consult a dermatoligist first before pruchasing products on your own. 




Photo: Courtesy of Cult Beauty

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