Clean Break


Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Ready in: Less than a minute, enjoy it

Serves: Your entire face 

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, men don't care about calories!


  • None. Clean fingertrips do the trick


  • Yes! 


  1. A great moisturizer for all skin types, mostly targeted for oily skin
  2. Replenishes skin and retains moisture without the use of oils
  3. Pump keeps the application clean and sanitary


Following our last post in regards to the daily cleanser, it's only natural to introduce now a daily moisturizer. After an extensive search, we found a moisturizer which is effective, easy to use and will not put a dent in our bank accounts. If we let our minds run free, we'd probably turn up with a moisturizer that costs more than our rent, but has gold leafs and a unicorn's tears. Alas, we'll stay grounded and find a product that works without a ridiculous price tag. 

This oil-free moisturizer has been tested through several weather conditions and has proven to be a strong standing product. It helps improve the skin tone and keep an even texture. Moisturizers have been known to cause breakouts when they aren't appropriate or have irritating ingredients. It has a light, gel texture which leaves the skin with a cooling and soothing sensation and sits comfortable on the skin throughout the day. For oily skin types with acne problems, this moisturizer performs well. The scent isn't that strong and the product itself absorbs quickly. 

The packaging along needs to be mentioned because it makes the application accessible and easy. The pump helps it stay clean and applies the right amount of product. It is sturdy, which makes it easy to transfer and travel with. A pump or two of this, will suffice for the entire face. After using a face wash and cleansing the skin, apply this evenly on the face and neck. Since this product does not contain SPF, it is essential to apply sunscreen, if exposed to the sun. 

Sephora often has a sample offer of this as a rewards option. When I stumble across, I'll always add it to my order, since it's perfect for a weekend getaway. Is this something you'll be adding to your collection? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


  • Girls, feel free to buy this. It'll work wonders for you and the price is great for the amount of product
  • Please don't forget the importance of SPF! 




Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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