How to: gentle skin edition


Photo: Courtesy of Cerave

Photo: Courtesy of Cerave

Ready in: Take your time

Serves: Plenty! A little goes a long way. 19 oz of cream!

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, as always, not edible.


  • None. Clean fingertrips do the trick


  • Yes!


  1. Affordable brand that has been delivering hit products so far

  2. Incomparable price for an everyday use product

  3. Fragrance free formula


With the ever changing weather we find that our skin is doing the best it can to adapt. Some days, a little extra moisture is needed, especially for drier skin types. After consulting the EQ men, we heard them loud and clear; not a fan of fragrances in a body moisturizer. We searched long and hard and decided to have them try out this moisturizing cream by CeraVe. After working with this product for a few weeks, we’re happy to report the results.

Firstly, this cream is ideal for dry to very dry skin without excluding normal skin as well. For those suffering from itchy skin, eczemas or even psoriasis this moisturizer might be the ideal one. This cream effectively restores the protective skin barrier. The marketing of this product, focuses on its three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid. While we might all know a bit of something of hyaluronic acid, ceramides aren’t that known to the public. Ceramides help retain skin moisture and keep the appearance plump and firm. Simply put, ceramides are lipids which are naturally found in high concentrations in the uppermost layers of the skin. Roughly, they makeup for 50% of skin’s composition and protect the skin from pollution and other environmental stressors. While our skin already contains it, we like to choose products that’ll boost them as well.

This is a rich, non-greasy cream that most importantly has no added fragrance. For those with sensitive skin, who wish to stay away from added fragrances, this product is ideal. Moreover, it’s free of oil, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and non-irritating. The reason why we thought of this moisturizer to be a good fit for men, is because they almost never seek out fragrance as an ingredient. It is a gentle formula, that moisturizes the skin but doesn’t sit heavy on it. While it is possible to use on the face we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s best when bodily and facial products are used separately. It is possible that the thick formula will clog the pores.

The packaging isn’t anything special but it’s not unappealing at the same time. It is a container of endless product. However, it is not the most hygenic thing to stick our fingers in it each time we want to apply some lotion so we’d suggest a spatula that’ll be washed afterwards, or the one-time use wooden applicators.

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  • If you’re suffering from dry patches, eczema or psoriasis, do not share this product with others and make sure you wash your hands before each use.




Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

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