Age Rescue Eye Therapy


Photo: Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Photo: Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Ready in: Take your time

Serves: Plenty! A little goes along way

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, as always, not edible.


  • None. Clean fingertrips do the trick


  • Yes!


  1. Appropriate eye cream for all skin types

  2. Contains energizing ginseng

  3. Results in a revitalized apperance


We’re finding it hard to say goodbye to summer but we’re looking forward to fall and all the skincare tips and tricks we plan on writing about! Something that stays with us, regardless of the season, is the issue of the dark circles. This product we’ve decided to review isn’t necessarily only to deal with dark circles but to improve the entire eye area. We do the best we can to energize the skin and revitalize the appearance of it. If the eyes aren’t in their best shape, what are we even doing?

We’ve had our eye on the company “lab series for men” for quite some time now. We were able to get our hands on a few of their products and had our trustee male friends try them to see how they perform. Everyone agreed that the eye cream was the best performing one. While dark circles might seem like the most common issue around the eyes, there is always the concern of fine lines and wrinkles. This eye cream with ginseng, is known to be an anti-aging ingredient and helps tone and brighten the skin. It’s a hydrating product without it being “heavy” as far as moisturizing goes. Around the eyes, we always prefer products that are lightweight yet effective. It applies smoothly and it absorbs quite quickly and doesn’t have any residue so it doesn’t sit on the skin for too long.

The area around the eyes is where we first notice signs of fatigue and aging. The key to products such as this one is consistency. Overnight results are almost never evident so time is crucial in realizing if a product works and battles what the skin needs. Even if it’s hard to commit to a nightly application of this eye cream, every other night should be good. A few dabs of this cream around the eyes and mostly where the lines are should do the trick to start noticing a difference. It can surely be used in the AM as well; since the mornings are usually rush hour, we recommend skincare routines to take place at night for allotted time.

Of course this product can be used by both women and men. If anything, women’s eye creams are known to be excessively moisturizing so this might work better for those who don’t enjoy a heavy product around the eyes. As far as price goes, it is a bit much but a bit of product goes a long way. If you’re not in the mood of sharing it with your significant other, this could last for quite some time.

Have you tried any more products from this brand? What is your go-to eye cream at the moment? Let us know in the comments below.



  • Feel free to keep this stored in the fridge so it has a cooling effect around the eyes as well.




Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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