After Sun Care


Photo: Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Photo: Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Ready in: Take your time, aloe is soothing

Serves: Plenty! Be generous with it

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, men don't care about calories!


  • None. Clean fingertrips do the trick


  • Yes! After sun treatment is a real thing!


  1. Ultra moisturizing balm for face and body

  2. Minimizes peeling

  3. Leaves a cooling effect on the skin


While we absolutely adore the sun, the goldish tan, or even a slight bronze, something we absolutely dread is the aftermath of a sunburn! For some people, tanning is absolutely nonexistent due to their skin tone and even with tons of layers of sunscreen, they are still bound to get burned. Now, imagine those people who refuse to use sunscreen and get at least a 2nd degree burn everytime. From experience, men aren't crazy about applying sunscreen, or any product for that matter. A while ago we discussed the easy SPF solution  and now we're talking about what comes after!

The inevitable has happened and the steps to follow aren't that difficult. One of the first things that'll help is to take a cold shower on a low pressure. This'll help cool down the skin and ease the pain. After the shower, a cooling lotion is imperative to help soothe the burn and reduce the feeling of tightness. Firstly, a lotion containing calamine will help with the pain effect and take the sting out of the burn. Applying calamine helps with the itching as well, once the skin starts peeling. 

After the immediate care, the replenishing of the skin treatment will start. A lotion such as this one by Clinique will in fact rescue the skin after its exposure to the sun. This lotion will help minimize the peeling and hydrate the skin instantly. It won't cause any irritation and aloe works fast to reduce the burning effect and possible sting feeling. Lather up your skin with this lotion and re-apply as necessary every few hours. 

While it is a pricey item, it gets the job done! In situations of a mild burn, we need products that'll act fast and help the skin. If after using this lotion for 24 hours, there is no difference, switch to a different product. After sun treatments are meant to work fast and efficient, it is always a possibility a product will not work for you.

What is your after sun remedy? Any lotions in particular that have worked wonders for you? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Keep this lotion in the fridge for that extra cooling effect!

  • Drink water again and again! You need all the help you can get with dehydration

  • Avoid the sun for a few days to allow the skin to heal




Photo: Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

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