Coffee all day



Ready in: A minute or so 

Serves: A face in need of moisturize and replenishment 

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, if coffee had calories we would be in serious trouble 


  • 1/3 tsp extra virgin oil

  • 1 tsp honey

  • 1, 1/2 tsp coffee grinds


  • 1 small bowl
  • A spoon to mix everything together


  • Yes, it's quick, easy and all natural!


  1. Quick and easy to make. Pamper yourself - you deserve it.
  2. Make this as you go, don't store it in fridge
  3. Can be used as frequent as once a week


Good morning and welcome to an EQ all natural DIY recipe. I have a feeling this will already be a favorite by the title alone! Are introductions necessary? Grab some coffee, have your regular cup of the day and let's use the rest on our skin. 

Let's start with the benefits of this particular scrub and then we'll go straight ahead into making it. This treatment serves as a face scrub and moisturizer. Coffee beans, when put on our face, reduce inflammation and redness. As an exfoliator, it removes dead skin and boosts a "worn-out" complexion leaving the skin feeling smooth. Preparing and using a coffee scrub such as this one, will help brighten our skin, prevent clogged pores and overall improve our circulation. Granted, the last one is a given with any scrub due to the circular, massage-like motions of scrubbing; coffee beans offer even more to that. 

This scrub will act as a moisturizer as well. The extra virgin oil added to the mix, is an antioxidant, a great source of vitamins and penetrates deep into the skin offering moisture and smoothness to the skin. Keep in mind, this can be substituted with a natural moisturizer of your preference. Olive oil is great for the hair too; keep that in mind when looking for DIY hair masks. 

Lastly, honey helps absorb and retain the moisture we're looking for. Also, honey isn't just hydrating, it has anti-inflammatory properties that'll help reduce redness, especially in difficult areas. It's a natural antibacterial, which makes it a great source of acne prevention and treatment. 

Now that all the knowledge is out there, let's get to the fun part. Grab a small bowl, mix these three ingredients together and let it sit for a second. In the meantime, properly wash your face as you would on the daily and start scrubbing! A minute or so will do the trick and then it's time to rinse. Proceed with your regular moisturizer and then add SPF! Simple as that, you've made a 100% natural scrub that leaves your skin with a healthy glow and a smooth feeling. 

We'd love to hear some of your recipes! When it comes to DIYs, we conduct little experiments all the time trying to find the perfect recipe. Let us know in the comments below which should be our next at home spa treatment. 


  1. Make sure you wash your face first. You want to scrub and moisturize on a clean surface
  2. This can be used on the body as well. Coffee works great against cellulite. 



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