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  • Five items that have made their way into my collection and make me ask myself, why?


  • Some coffee would help, there's a lot to get through


  • Check the title and ask me again if I recommend it? 


  1. Products that aren't necessarily bad but did not work for me
  2. Items range from lip products to eyeshadow palettes
  3. After this article I've realized that impulse buys and I do not make a good team


Hello and welcome to a new month and a new article that makes me contemplate life decisions. One of these rhetorical questions is "what were you thinking buying this" or "do you really need this in your collection". Can I justify these purchases? Sure, I'm assuming at the time of buying these items, I thought I needed them. However, these products did not perform properly. Some are unnecessary as items, yet perform adequately and one product of the whole was a major disappointment. Shall we get started?

Starting with the Nude'tude eyeshadow palette by The Balm Collection. Let me go ahead and say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this palette. It is a beautiful selection of colors, with a good payoff that can result in many diverse looks. Why is it in this pile then? It's safe to say this is not a palette I need. I have other, countless palettes that already have this selection of color and perform even better than this one. While I won't consider it to be expensive, it is certainly not a purchase worth its money. Some of the colors, especially the darker ones, do show hints of fallout, and are not the easiest to blend but do get the job done. The lighter colors on the other hand have too much shimmer and not enough pigmentation to make them long-lasting. However, it is still a palette that'll offer a variety of looks, especially if you are not one to experiment with color in your eyes. I'm just not crazy about it. Full disclosure? I forgot I even had this in my collection. 

Final verdict: There's nothing horribly wrong with this palette. I will simply pass it along to a friend seeing as how I have others with the same color selection that perform better. 

Let's tackle that bright matte lip color you see there. Why, oh why do I need such a bright pink lipstick? This matte lasting lip color by Radiant in the shade 14 has made its way into my collection without my knowledge. Usually, I can remember every single purchase I make. However, with this color, I'm still at loss as to how it ended up in my lip kit. Was I tricked into buying it? Surely not, yet I still cannot remember. I own my fair share of lipsticks, lip tints, glosses or whatever else is out there. If I choose to go for a bold color it'll be grey, purple or a more conventional red. A bright pink lipstick does not suit me. More importantly it does not suit my personality. If you find yourself in the company of people who know me, it'll be the last guess they make as to which color Asimina would apply on her lips. While I do go for bold, eccentric choices, a bright hot pink is not one that I reach for. I think I wore this once and was disappointed with the formula and it's color. I find that ironic because I own another shade and I'm perfectly content with its formula and payoff.

Final verdict: Since I've only wore this once, it'll make its way into a friend's collection. I think by the end of this article my friends will love me even more. 

Sticking to the bright pink theme, take a look at that blush and ask yourselves, why would I need such a hot pink on my cheeks? I take my time deciding on a blush, going from light shades to warmer colors. Due to my olive complexion that only gets darker as the sun makes its appearance, most of the times, the blush I've chosen isn't entirely visible on my face. I had an epiphany a couple years ago and thought, why not go for a deep, hot pink. Let's conclude right away that this epiphany should have stayed a joke. This NYX powder blush which is out of stock right now, has been used once as an actual blush. I love the formula, I own lighter shades of this blush and it is one of my favorite drugstore blushes. This color is too rich and bright to sit comfortably on my cheeks. Why did I need such a bright color?

Final verdict: This color can be used as an eyeshadow. However, I have other palettes and actual single shadows that are waiting to be used. You guessed it, I'm passing it along to a friend. What can I say? I have a lot of friends who need makeup.  

The concealer trio by H&M pictured above is a great product. My issue with it? The shades do not work for me. Out of this trio, 0 shades work for me. The darker one could be used for contouring; once again I have other products that are actually for contouring. Even mixing two colors, did not give me the appropriate shade for my own face and its needs. The formula is rich enough to cover blemishes and spots and does not crease whatsoever. It's a perfect, compact item to have in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day. Assuming of course that the shades work for you, pick up some product on your fingers and dab away on your skin where necessary. 

Final verdict: This stays in my professional makeup kit and is used only on clients. Sorry friends, I have to keep something to justify all these purchases. 

Last but not least, the complete disappointment that is this highlighter by Becca Cosmetics. It's out of stock on the Sephora website and I'm hoping that's because they decided to withdraw the product and not because it sold out. This is not a highlighter. Truth be told, I do not know what this product is. Starting with its texture, it was marketed as a creme highlighter. Upon purchasing this item (online order, no swatches, good thinking Asimina) its texture was still, more so as a dried up liquid. I tried picking up some product with my fingers, a fan brush, an eyeshadow brush and even a beautyblender. Absolutely nothing worked and there was no hint of this product applied anywhere on my face. After practically imprinting my finger in it, I managed to pick up some product that ended up breaking into pieces and looking extremely patchy on my skin. I even tried wetting my brush first, that did not work. I'm left with a product that does absolutely nothing.

Final verdict: I won't be doing anyway any favors by giving this product away. The mirror is nice, so I suppose it can be used as a compact? Trying to find a silver lining here.


Upon reading what I've written, I see that impulse purchases are almost never a success story. Since I've publicly acknowledged these mistakes, I will do my best to purchase items I absolutely need. This comes with experience and knowledge. This is why we work hard on these reviews; to save you from an impulse purchase that doesn't work at the end of the day.

I hope you enjoyed my confession of mistakes and I look forward to reading some of your "what was I thinking" makeup items in the comments down below.



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