Essentials: Beach bag edition




  • A list of recommended essentials to include in the perfect summer beach bag


  • A beach bag, for obvious reasons.


  • Yes! This is our survival kit for the sunny days.


  1. A glimpse of what our summer bag looks like

  2. Products by specific brands are merely suggestions; dig through the existing collection

  3. We'll admit, some might be more important than others

Can we officially welcome summer time? Depending on location of course, we’d like to announce the commence of summer and make sure everyone knows how excited we are for this season. We enjoy spending our time at the beach and soaking up the sun. While we’d love to only have to carry a beach towel and our favorite book, there is an elaborate checklist to go through before we walk out the door. Let’s get started; the water awaits.

First and foremost and perhaps the most important thing to include in a beach bag, is a proper sunscreen. We’ve touched on the subject several times and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Yes, tanning is nice and sexy; who doesn’t want a goldish chocolate tan for the summer? Something we don’t want? Looking like we’ve been baked in the oven with 2nd degree burns. Before going to the beach, apply a good amount of SPF on the face and body. Keep them in the bag and have them easily accessible since they’ll be used quite often at the beach. Make sure the SPF purchased will adequately protect against both UVA and UVB rays, has not expired and is of SPF 50. Feel free to use a different SPF for face and body. A personal favorite is this sunscreen for the face and this for the body. 

Another thing that needs protection from the sun? Our hair, of course. Specifically for those who wish to keep their color in tact and want to help the hair stay nourished and hydrated, this spray will work wonders! It is a leave-in spray for protection against the exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine. It is water resistant and works great for all hair types. Plus, it’s great for a quick style if you’re leaving straight from the beach to grab a bite or a drink. A small comb is an added bonus!

Hope we haven’t lost you yet, there are a few more things to add. Another item to help protect and nourish is a lip balm. Yes, even lips can be damaged by sun and salt exposure. In order to avoid, dehydrated and chapped lips we never forget our lip balm. We’ll take SPF anywhere we can get it!

Now that we’ve gone through all the SPF related products, let’s mention a couple more essentials. For emergencies, we like to keep any sort of antiallergic cream or stick, for stings, bites and rashes. This will at least work fast for the immediate rash and irritation before taking other precautionary measures. Similar to this product, would be to always have a few band-aids with you. We’re just making sure everything is covered. 

Other things that will come in handy are a hat, a good pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water; preferable a stainless steel one that’ll keep it cool throughout the day. We can go on with the list of course but we decided to stick to essentials only. Other items depend on each person’s preference and needs. 

We’d love to hear what is something you never leave out of your beach bag. Even if ours is full, we’ll manage to make room for one more item. Leave a comment below and share your necessities. Enjoy the sun, don’t forget your SPF! 


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