New Makeup Releases



Ready in: Some in days, some will take a few more months 

Serves: Yourself and if they work out, all the makeup lovers in your family!

Difficulty: There might be some difficulty in deciding what to buy so you don't end up breaking bank

0 calories. At least that's something we know already


  • Some of the upcoming releases happening in the makeup world!


  • Some coffee or tea
  • A reminder on your phone for the launch dates


  • Mmmm don't know yet! However, we're optimistic that we'll end up liking these products. 


  1. Some make-up items have launched or will soon be launched
  2. By the time this article is published, ten more items will be on the list to launch
  3. Launch dates vary depending on location. We'll let you google that at your own leisure 


Thanks to work, I constantly find myself in conversations surrounding makeup. Whether it's a client, asking about a product, or a good friend hoping I have inside information about new launches, a makeup discussion is bound to happen! We've gathered some releases we find exciting and we'd like to know what everyone else is looking forward to! Grab some coffee and a notepad, let's get started.

Starting with a newly released item, the Rodial Vitamin C brightening mask has grabbed our attention. With spring just around the corner, who wouldn't want to brighten their skin? The reason the EQ team chose this product is for two reasons. Firstly, we enjoy Rodial as a skincare and makeup brand and so far we've been liking the products. Furthermore, we do not have a mask like this in our collection. Crazy, right? We'd assume between DIY recipes and sheet masks, we'd work with some vitamin C. Apparently, this Rodial mask will be the first in our collection! 

Moving along to some makeup, I'm sure by now we all about the Urban Decay new mini naked heat palette. This six-pan compact offers the same terracotta, redish vibes in a matte only collection. This palette retails for $29 and I think it's safe to assume we'll be purchasing it. One of our drawbacks with the original palette was in fact its price and the jewel-toned metallics we were not crazy about. This mini palette focuses on the heat and we're loving it! 

Searching for a new foundation? Charlotte Tilbury dropped a product makeup artists are raving about! This foundation is said to be a customisable complexion booster, with a glow touch of a highlighter for a radiant complexion. I'm loving every single word of this sentence. My only issue with this product, is the shade range. At the moment, seven shades have been released and I find that disappointing. I'm sincerely hoping more shades are in the making because it is hard to work with this foundation on clients with such a limited shade range. 

Last but not least, we have a release coming from MAC. It's a color lip oil which melts on the lips leaving a delicate tint. It is said to have a soothing, soft and comfortable formula that can be worn throughout the entire day. Once applied, it'll leave the lips with a high-shine as it would with a lip stain. The amazing thing about this product? These are color-changing lip oils! There will be four shades launching at first and I'm hoping they expand to more. One I'm particularly excited about? The lemon yellow that turns into a pink depending on the pH of your lips. Is it bad I was hoping for it to stay yellow? 

Are you excited about these launches? What is something you're looking forward to? Let us know in the comments down below. 


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