A Special Post for a Special Girl




  • Asimina's top 7 products


  • G&T's on the rocks and start reading! We are celebrating today!


  • Yes! These are tried and tested products that Asimina has selected throughout the years!


This is a special post. My favorite to be honest. Today is my best friend’s birthday! Asimina has her birthday today and we are celebrating it in the EQ HQ! Her age will be undisclosed of course.

We decided to share Asimina’s favorites products with a twist! Instead of Asimina writing about her own beloved products, she challenged me to guess instead! Let’s dig a little deeper and see how well I know her favorite products. It is a fun thing to do with your best friend anyway, to see how well you know each other’s beauty routine!

Get your G&T's in hand and start reading! We are celebrating today! To make this post more fun for Asimina she'll be able to read it after it's published. It'll be a fair game. Let's see how many I get right.

First, let’s start with the face! One of her favorite foundations that leaves her skin flawless is the hourglass stick foundation. It feels lightweight even though it is a stick foundation, and leaves a dewy finish on the face. Plus, it photographs amazingly.

She loves Cover FX powder to set all of her foundations and it is hard for her to find another powder that doesn't leave a chalky feeling on her face. If by now you don't know the struggle behind finding the perfect powder shade, read this post and you'll understand why she favors it as much. 

A classic concealer that we both use for years is Maybelline age rewind. We have talked about it in many posts so far and it’s our go-to everyday concealer. 

To bronze things up a bit, her favorite and most cherished bronzer is this Chanel bronzer. She keeps this jar like a holy item and uses it religiously! 

The most difficult product to decide is the highlighter. We own hundreds of them and I couldn’t decide which one is her favorite one. I’ll take a guess and say it is the Alchemist palette by Kat Von D. 

To set her makeup the all-time classic setting spray for her is MAC FIX +. I know this for sure because it never leaves her vanity. If it goes missing, she'll be the first to know. 

I have to leave you now because we are getting ready for a big party! It will take some time until we perfect our makeup! 


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