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  • A gift list for that special man in your life


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  • Your beautiful smile is enough


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  1. A comprehensive gift list for that special man in your life
  2. All items can be used by you as well
  3. Even if you're not one to celebreate this day, keep this list around. It'll come in handy 


By now it's obvious how much we enjoy compiling gift lists. We were ecstatic when we saw some followed our X-mas list suggestions and how much your loved ones enjoyed the gifts. We decided it’s imperative to come back with another list and are taking advantage of this holiday that is Valentine’s day. Regardless of celebrating it or not, it works for us since we were looking for an excuse to put together a gift list for the special man in your life! The following products can be gifted any time of the year so save the list for upcoming birthdays! Shall we get started?

If it’s not written in the stars by now, EQ is obsessed with skincare! It’s only natural that the products listed below are all about the skin. Keep in mind, these are all products you girls can use as well! There’s no special ingredient for men in here, promise. 


For the man in your life who isn’t willing to do much: Is that pretty much every guy on the planet? For the man who needs some extra skin treatment, yet refuses to do much in that department, the best gift you can get him is a sheet mask. This sort of gift doesn’t require him to do much and it’s something you can enjoy together! Grab the tatcha deep hydration mask, ($25) relax on the couch together and let the sheet work its magic. Speaking of magic, click here to read our latest post on sheet masks and pick up some extra ideas.

For the man who has skin needs and isn’t afraid to show it: We love these guys, the ones who’ll come to us for advice about their skin needs and are specific as to what they’re looking for. A perfect gift for this guy in your life is the gentle cleanser by Shiseido ($30). It’s a gentle cleanser that works wonders on removing impurities from the skin, without taking away its moisture. After your man uses this, his skin will feel gentle and smooth. Who doesn’t want that? It’s a win-win situation! 

For the man who forgets the existence of SPF: We all know these men. The kind of guys we chase around during summertime, begging them to apply some SPF on their face before heading out. Thankfully, La Roche Posay and the universe, worked hand in hand to come out with this facial mist infused with SPF ($20) which is easy to use and can be reapplied throughout the entire day without much effort. Purchase a couple bottles of this, my brother seems to mysteriously lose his all the time.

For the man who invests in his beard. Facial hair on guys is the absolute trend, it’s here to stay regardless of us liking it or not. Why not get him something to treat his beard? The Tom Ford Neroli Portion condition beard oil is a perfect gift! It’ll soften and nourish the beard and it leaves an amazing scent. We did say that you can use this as well, but it’s $52 so maybe don’t use this as a leave-in conditioner? Just an idea. 

Lastly, for the guy who enjoys a good scrub and keeps using yours: While this is perfectly acceptable and oh-so adorable, you’ll keep running out of your favorite scrub. Go ahead and purchase the Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub ($30). This can be used as a pre-shave cleanser and facial scrub that’ll gently exfoliate the skin and clear any congested pores. No need to pour out too much product, a dime size portion will do the trick. This way, you’ll have a his and hers facial scrub. 


Any guys we’re forgetting about? Share your ideas down below so you can inspire other fellow readers to find the perfect present. Stay tuned for a 5-item makeup look for the special night. 



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