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What makes a product only for men or only for women? Is there a special ingredient in a product that can only work for one of the two? From what we know so far, fragrance is the added ingredient that makes an actual difference. Some might not appreciate the vanilla scent and skew towards a product that's either neutral or something like sandalwood. Either way we'll be discussing how companies market their products regardless of gender.

A company by the name of JECCA, is the first official genderless makeup brand. The company decided to launch products that will be accessible, regardless of one's gender. This the case of course with the rest of the makeup items we own. Unless something targets a hormonal issue that only occurs for specific people, products are universal. Fragrance is what makes the difference in most cases. Surely, when it comes to skincare items, the needs are different. However, that doesn't depend so much on the gender, rather than the type of skin and once again, hormonal imbalances. 

Equalia Man launched a short while ago and the positive responses we have so far, motivate us to keep going. We're glad to see how many of you enjoy sharing products with your significant others. To bring an example in regards to fragrance, the beard oil we reviewed, is obviously targeted for men seeing as how it meets a need of their facial hair. Testosterone causes an increase in skin thickness which is why a man's skin is 25% thicker than a woman's. Therefore, moisturizers or foam gels might contain different ingredients to deal with such issues. Also, when it comes to women who deal with hormonal issues, products should be targeted to those needs.

This is the time for makeup to be genderless and accessible to everyone. Enjoying a form of art is never about belonging to one person, it's about sharing it with those who have the same passion. More and more, companies are realizing they cannot target products based on gender and are focusing on specific issues and skin needs. EQ shares this belief and if anything, adds more weight to carefully selecting the skincare product one uses. Fragrance never adds a benefit to to the skin, please remember that always. 


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