Fall trends




  • Makeup items that’ll compliment any fall look!


  • $$$, I know, right?


  • Yes! Fall can’t be done without these items


  1. A few items we’re thinking of adding to our fall collection

  2. Before making new purchases, revisit your existing collection and either toss or start using again

  3. Don’t go crazy when shopping, make a list first!

While we’re not crazy about saying goodbye to summertime we are obliged to accept that fall is just around the corner. With that being said, we’re conducting a quick sorting and tossing of our makeup collection. This process helps us throw out expired items, rediscover hidden gems and confront the products that we’ve barely used and accept the fact that we won’t be using them any time soon. With doing so, we make room in our vanity for new items. Now that we’ve made room, we won’t feel as guilty to add some fall items to our collection.

  • While copper and burgundy are usually the go-to colors for fall, pink is making a statement. Paying close attention to runways and red carpets for the past week or so, pink is used to create a beautiful monochromatic eyelook. Look through your existing palettes for a beautiful elegant pink color. Our personal favorite “Peach palette” by Too Faced has all the pinks we need.

  • Continuing with the eyes, where would we be without an eyeliner? We’ve been loving the blue trend, whether it’s light or dark we’re here for it! A specific item that caught our attention is the Diorshow on Stage Liquid Eyeliner in Matte Blue. We’re anxiously awaiting the fall nights where our eyes will stand out with that hint of blue.

  • Moving on to lips, while berry tones and plum colors will have a front row seat once again, we’ve been loving the cherry, blotted lips trend. Bobbi Brown has some of our favorite lipstick formulas so it makes absolute sense that we’ll seek out a product in their department. This mid tone red berry is exactly what we’ll need this fall and we’ll follow through with the blotted trend. Apply a pigmented lipstick to the lip, let it sit for a bit and blot the color off with a tissue.

  • Are we loving the dewy foundation trend? We most certainly are and we love using it on clients as well. The Nars Sheer Glow foundation has claimed a spot on our vanity and for good enough reasons! A medium coverage with a radiant finish is what we need on our faces this fall. Something we’d want to change about it? A pump would have made this product the absolute best!

The shopping list can go on and on but we decided to keep it to a minimum. Regardless of the trends, always remember to buy things you actually need and not whatever you see on the Sephora homepage. What is something you’ll be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.


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