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  1. A handy list of when it's time to say goodbye to expired products 
  2. As we're going through this article, we're parting ways with some of our items
  3. Regardless of the expiration date, if something smells, changes colors or grows a new life, it needs to go ASAP. 


Spring cleaning is somewhat of a tradition. Whether it's a closet, or that drawer in the kitchen where we stuff random items, we are determined to clean it all out. The same happens with our makeup items. Even though we have a properly organized vanity and store our makeup with precision, we tend to forget about some of the items we own, simply because there is an overflow. Anything that has expired, will make its way out of our collection. Let's get started on that list; we sincerely hope you'll join us.

Before the breakdown of each category, please note that each product has a PAO symbol. PAO stands for period after opening. You will see a small "container" open with a number, followed by the M letter which stands for months. From the day you open the product, its lifespan is marked by the number of months it can be used. However, if a product doesn't have a specific expiration date, this general guideline will help keep everything up to date.  

Starting with skincare, cleansers, toners and moisturizers usually last up to one year. If at any point, one of these items, has a strong odor, changes consistency or color, it should immediately be in the trash. If these products are 100% natural, with absolutely no preservatives added, their shelf life is approximately four months. Makeup removers, especially micellar waters, have about six months of life. Since water is the main ingredient, if it's not used quickly, water encourages bacteria growth and bacterial contamination. Needless to say, EQ girls go through micellar waters in half the time. (6-12M)

Moving on to makeup, the weird smell, funny texture rule obviously applies here as well. Foundation of liquid and cream consistency lasts between six to twelve months. They contain more water, oils and other hydrating agents which shorten their life-span. Powder foundations can last up to two years when they are properly stored, cleaned often and kept in a room temperature space to avoid changing the consistency. (6-12M)

Concealers typically live up to a year. However, if it dries out or becomes cakey and lumpy and doesn't perform properly on the skin, say bye-bye and toss it. (12M)

Powders and blushes can survive up to two years. Minimize the risk of bacteria by regularly cleaning makeup tools and keeping the lid securely closed. Powders that are broken, or with shattered cases that end up dirtying your makeup kit, need to be thrown out right away. (24M)

Powder eyeshadows have the same life-span as mentioned above. When it comes to cream eyeshadows, they'll last about six months. With cream eyeshadows, properly close them after each use and store them in a room temperature space to ensure their performance and quality. (6M-24M)

One of the most-asked questions people have is about mascara. It saddens me to say that the life expectancy of a mascara is tube is four to six months. When pumping the wand to get more product on the brush, we force air in the tube, which dries out the product and facilitates bacterial contamination. Instead, slowly move the want in a circular motion and then pull it. The only trick that works for us in prolonging the life-span of our mascara is the Duraline by Inglot, read more here. Needless to say, please do not share mascara with others. Whatever touches your eye, is meant only for you. (4-6M)

Ready for eyeliner information? Liquid eyeliners should be discarded after six months of use or if there is a change in texture, color, smell or if it completely dries out. Pencil eyeliners can last up to two years if they are sharpened regularly and the cap is closed tightly. Once again, no sharing. This is the time to be selfish and keep these just for you. (6-24M)

Last but not least, two of our favorite lip products. Lipsticks can last up to two years after proper care. Securing the lid on, using a lip brush and occasionally cleaning them with makeup wipes to remove the top layer of bacteria growth, can help the tubes live up to two full years. However, if the cap is missing and at some point the tube has made direct contact with the floor, it needs to go. (24M)

Lip balms that live in a jar or a pot, need to be put on high alert. If you're keen on keeping them like this, regularly wash your hands and replace them every few months. Lip balm tubes tend to last longer if you follow the same instructions as for lipsticks. (4-24M)


Truth be told, we're guilty of overseeing the expiration dates on some items. We're trying hard to stay on track and record the dates of when we open the product and say goodbye as the months go by. Who's with us on this mission? Leave your comments down below and let us know!



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