Empties Vol. II



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  1. Empties that we've put together through the last year
  2. Products range from tinted moisturizer to lipliner
  3. If something did not work for us, it doesn't mean it won't work for you


This is our empties post number 2!  Let’s get into the juicy details (clockwise).

Starting with my all time favorite Complexion Rescue by bareMinerals. All I have to say is that I have quite a few empty tubes of this one. It is a light coverage tinted moisturiser, perfect for everyday use. It feels fresh and light on the skin and leaves it moisturised. It has a gel/cream texture and blends seamlessly on your face. You can apply it either with your fingers or a stippling brush. I must warn you: don't expect a lot of coverage. For a more natural look you can apply this and a little bit of concealer only in the problem areas. It has SPF in it which is always a positive but please apply a proper SPF as well. Your skin will thank you in a few years. We have an article dedicated to SPF and its importance here.

We have another detailed post about a Quick Morning Glow Look you can easily achieve with this product. Check it out (here)!


L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara ($9.99) - What an iconic lengthening mascara. 

It has a silicone applicator that separates the lashes and gives length, although it does not give as much volume. Depending on the look that you are going for, this is perfect for a more natural but intense look. The formula in the gold mascara tube is great and it doesn't have any fall out. If I want to give more volume to my lashes for a night out, I usually apply this mascara first to make sure that the length is right and on the second coat I use a volumizing mascara that has a bigger and thicker applicator - for example this one by KIKO. I have tried the black mascara tube too, but I prefer the classic one as it doesn’t have any fall out and the colour isn’t that different in the end. This mascara can stand alone for a day-time look with a little bit of concealer and some lip balm.

Maybelline Age Rewind, ($9.99) I think you know by now that we are obsessed with this concealer. We decided to put it in both of the empties post because first of all we use different shades and secondly because we both use it completely differently. I personally use it primarily as a concealer and secondary to contour with it. Even if I don’t wear a single drop of foundation I use it to sculpt and light up my face! 

I mentioned it before that I love liquid products. I love to highlight, contour, conceal, blend  etc. My skin also loves liquid products. The result and the amount of glow that I get from liquid products makes a huge difference in my everyday looks from day to night. My skin looks radiant and healthy and age rewind has become my go to saviour. Needless to say I usually buy them in packs of three! It is hands off, a multipurpose products - when combined with a beauty blender gives amazing results. It gives a decent amount of coverage and it has nice texture. Plus it does not crease (at least when applied with a beauty blender). Believe me, it is hard for me to rave so much about a concealer because everything creases around my eyes. I have tried dozens of concealers - even much raved products- because I used to have a huge insecurity with my dark circles, and nothing worked. I would say that for its price and quality it is a must concealer to try. It’s my personal touché eclat! 

L’Oreal Felt Tip Liquid Liner ($8.95) Eyeliner. Okay- let’s talk about this eyeliner. I think I've used this L’Oreal Superliner since I was 13. No joke. I was secretly going makeup shopping since that age and I was always fascinated with eyeliner. I’ve tried all the new formulas and shades introduced since the release of this one. Some of them were amazing and some were not that impressing. I find myself  always going back to this particular one. It’s glossy, has a rich dark color and easy to use because it’s a feltip eyeliner. It stays on perfectly for the whole day and the price is reasonable. A simple 50’s style sharp wing can be achieved quickly as well as an everyday look. I need to add here that I never go out without eyeliner and concealer no matter what! I can even apply it in a moving car. (Seriously,  I’ve done this many times when I’m in a rush). 


It feels like it’s a favorites post but not really. I am sharing all my secrets with you here! I just happen to repurchase the stuff above repeatedly so I'll gladly recommend them to try and tell me your thoughts.


Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter ($7.00). Let’s continue with a product that left me unimpressed. My lips get dry quickly, especially in the winter months and I love a well moisturised juicy pout. I like their body butters and their coconut body butter was a staple of mine for a long time so I decided to give this one a go. It smells nice but it doesn't t do much. It also leaves your lips a little bit whiter than they actually are and it has a weird texture . I tried to make it work even by applying it before bedtime but I was disappointed. I want to look and feel beautiful at all times. (Who's with me?) There are plenty of cheaper options that perform better.

Clinique Quickliner For Lips in Cocoa Rose ($17.50) Couldn’t have an empties post without lip liner. Experimenting with lip liners and lipsticks and finding what color works best is something that I love doing. So, here are my thoughts for this lip liner! I like the fact that it can stand alone as a lipliner without adding any lipstick on top of it. This particular line has rich and creamy colors that can easily be applied on the lips without having to sharpen the lip liner. Thumbs up for that. If you are in for a quick, rich and easy application go for it. It is not as long-lasting as other lip liners in my collection though and the amount of product in the pencil is not that much for its price. I would repurchase it sometime though because of the color - it's the perfect combination of a brown and nude pink.

Hourglass Strobe Lighting Powder in Incandescent Strobe Light ($38.00)  - I'm an Hourglass fan. Most of their products from packaging to quality and the application of the actual product is a dream come true. This particular one is a finely milled strobing powder perfect for a daytime/office look. It ended up being my day to day highlighter for a long time. I hit pan quickly with this one; believe me I made sure I swirled the brush until there was no more product left.  Anyway, it is not a highlighter that will blind you, but you can definitely build up its intensity and use it later in the day too. It is also nice if you want to refresh your makeup a bit to re-apply it on top of your make up and set it with a setting spray. It will instantly elevate your look. Feels nice, smells nice, its texture is amazing and the packaging contains a mirror. I'm using it as a handbag mirror a lot lately. The price is quite up there but you get quite a lot of product. I would repurchase it but I'd like to try other things and highlighting powders from hourglass first. Maybe, if I want to buy something more special for myself or a gift for a good friend this is an item that I would go for.


Have these products worked for you? What are some of the empties you find yourself repurchasing? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the next part of the empties saga. 




Photos: Courtesy of: Bareminerals, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Body Shop, Amazon, Hourglass

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