Count to 5 vol. II



Ready in: Depending on the pace you choose 

Serves: All those who are in need of some makeup inspo for a night out 

Difficulty: None whatsoever. 

0 calories. We're assuming they'll be wine on the dinner table


  • Five items that will complete the perfect makeup look for a night out!


  • Some relaxing music, there's more than enough time
  • Your favorite outfit


  • Obviously. 


  1. A breakdown of five products that'll result in a flawless face
  2. Products are merely suggestions, feel free to go with personal choices
  3. Five items are enough for a complete look according to the EQ team


Welcome, welcome to your 5-item makeup look that’ll surely make you stand out on your date night. This look is a favorite of ours for essentially any night of the year. We handpicked these 5 items to keep the time spent to a minimum, yet still looking flawless.

Starting with foundation, an absolute favorite for the past month or so is the hourglass stick foundation. It’s easy to apply, has great coverage and can even be blended with your fingers, if there’s no time for a stippling brush or a beauty blender. I’m amazed at how well this stick foundation covers discoloration and blemishes without looking cakey. It doesn’t sit in the pores and it’ll stay in place throughout the entire night!

Since we’re minimizing the products used, we’re going for the glow right away! The cover fx highlighter drops will transform this entire look. They are intense so make sure and go in with as little product as possible. Ideally, place them on your hand first, pick up product with your fingers and start tapping. Highlight the high points of your cheeks, under your eyebrows and down the bridge of the nose. It’ll surprise you how much of a difference this highlighter will have on your face. Added bonus: place the tiniest amount and place it in the inner corner of your eyes.

Speaking of eyes, we’re thinking sparkle all the way! This Urban Decay glitter eyeliner in distortion, will make your eyes pop without any eyeshadow or cut creases. Apply a thin line close to your lashes and emphasize the wing! Don’t be afraid to use color. Since the other products used are pretty basic, you’ll need your eyes to pop!

What else will make your eyes pop? The Dior show waterproof mascara. The brush is easy to work with and will make your lashes stand loud and proud. Careful when applying it, don’t rush it. There’s a lot of product when you take out the brush so go in with small strokes and depending on the desired result keep building. Why waterproof? There could be tears of joy at the end of the night, you want to be prepared. 

Lastly for the lips. No, we won’t go with a classic bold red lipstick. Not that we have something against it, if anything we have a post only for red lips . This night could entail drinking, eating and perhaps some smooching (we’re laughing right now, FYI). You don’t want to worry about getting your date’s lips all red. The safest option is a gloss. We’ve been crushing on the Kevyn Aucoin lip gloss in Vesuvian. It sits comfortably on the lips and doesn’t need constant check-ins to ensure it hasn’t moved from its place. With all these liquid lipsticks, when do we ever leave our lips without color? Tonight is the night to do so! 


What is an item you’ll not skip this Valentine’s Day? We even surprised ourselves with how little amount of products we need to love a look! Let us know in the comments below what won’t be missing from your Valentine’s Day makeup bag? Regardless, of what you do, enjoy your night! We’ll be at the EQ office, so have a sip of wine for us as well!




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