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  • Some brands we've been loving lately


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  1. Some brands we've been loving lately and constantly discussing at the EQ offices 
  2. While the list could be long, we've only put together three brands
  3. List includes skincare and makeup brands


Happy Saturday everyone! Obviously stated by the title, we'll be discussing a few brands we've been loving lately and have been following for quite some time now. While we do not own every single product from each brand and we don't find it necessary, we've tested out some of the items and have been thoroughly impressed! Thanks to our job, we're constantly trying out products and set aside the best for you. Shall we get started?

First up, is a favorite skincare brand that has the entire beauty community buzzing. Drunk Elephant, founded in 2012 is a brand committed to using clean ingredients, making appropriate products for all skin types. Reading upon the story of the company, the name is rooted from a myth where elephants would eat fruit from Marula trees and end up getting drunk! We saw a YouTube video of this and it was nothing short than adorable. Getting back to the company, something I admired from the start is their belief in "less is more". This is a phrase that I've held on closely my entire life and even though there are days I love a full glam makeup look, other days I revert to less being more. DE aims to improve the skincare regimen by using a few, selective appropriate products for the skin. While I have used several of their products (samples from Sephora, hush) the product I've been using every single day for the last couple of months is the C-Tang Multivitamin Eye Cream. It always keeps my under-eyes hydrated, even in the driest climate. It can be used day and night, and is best stored in the fridge! If you're curious about this brand, grab samples from a Sephora store. It'll last you a while and you won't regret splurging for a product that isn't worth it. 

Moving on to makeup, NABLA cosmetics is an indie Italian brand that has been making the best of impressions around the office. Based in Milan, Italy it is a cruelty-free makeup brand with a range of products for the entire face. The products that stand out and made us notice them somewhat more are the eye shadows. They have matte, metallic, duochrome and glitter with consistent formulas that perform beautifully on the eyes. The duochrome single shadows have stolen my heart. They aren't pressed shadows in the pans so they can be used with a regular blending brush. While they do offer complete palettes, which I usually go for, some of the single shadows are absolutely worth having! For someone living outside of Europe, I understand the hesitation of ordering something that will increase the shipping cost. However, these products are worth it! If you're looking to expand your makeup collection and try new products from alternative companies, NABLA is for you!

Concluding with Bite Beauty, a Canadian born brand, which products are made exclusively with food-grade ingredients and are infused with resveratrol. Exclusively sold at Sephora, this company offers a wide selection of lip products. Their pencils have been hyped up on by beauty bloggers for quite some time now. Being a fan of the pencils, I immediately noticed how soft, long-wearing and easy to glide on they are. There is a creamy texture to them, making sure they do not sit heavy on the lips. I wear these on their own, no lipstick added. They carve out my lips beautifully and work great in filling them in. I have noticed that over-sharpening them does not help, if anything they'll break faster. If you're not on the lookout for new pencils but still want to try the brand, look into the agave sugar lip scrub. It's a gentle lip scrub that'll exfoliate, cleanse and condition the lips. This might be your new favorite night time ritual.

I can keep going with the list seeing as how I'm always coming across brands that aren't widely famous yet still have great products that deserve recognition. There will certainly be a part 2 so stay tuned! We'd love to hear any suggestions of brands we should check into on the comments below. 


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