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  1. Donate lightly used makeup items to shelters in need 
  2. There are countless shelters and organizations that are in need
  3. Don't stop with makeup; gather any items you'd wish to donate


How many times do you find yourself with a makeup item you’ve barely used? Whether it was an impulse purchase or a gift you never returned, we all have items that have taken a place in the back of our drawer for the faint possibility of being used one day. Let’s decide here and now that we will not use those items. Let’s decide to give these items to those who will in fact benefit from them.

We gathered some useful details to help you navigate the donation process.

What to give: Obviously anything brand new, air tight closed that has not been used is highly appreciated. Most shelters and organizations now accept lightly used items such as: eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and anything else in a powder form. Lipsticks and lip liners can be accepted after being sanitized. Also, think of body care items that are needed. If you were ever gifted a body wash that you’ve yet to use, go ahead and pass that along.

What not to give: Anything that has come in direct contact with your skin. Whether it’s a foundation bottle or a skincare jar that you’ve dipped your fingers in, these products will not be accepted. This rule applies to used mascaras as well.

Where: Start from your local women’s shelter before reaching to a larger organization. Gather information first on what items they accept and start donating there. Upon research we’ve gathered several links that might be helpful; keep in mind that depending on your location some might be difficult for you to reach. Also, giving makeup to friends and family that are in need serves the exact same purpose. If it’s easier for you, start from there.

Here are some useful links:

  1. The Shoebox Project
  2. Give and Makeup
  3. Project Beauty Share
  4. Beauty Bus Foundation

When: Every couple of months take the time to declutter your collection. Go through your makeup items and make a pile of things you’ve barely touched. Have your friends do the same. It’s a great exercise for you to figure out if you shop unnecessary items and what you end up doing with them.

Keep in mind, these links are merely suggestions. Each person could already be doing the absolute best they can in reaching out to families in need. Whichever way you choose to contribute, recognize how important it is. 

Any organizations we should know of? We'd love to hear from you and learn more about this process. Thank you for taking the time and joining us in this important matter. 



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