Count to 5



Ready in: 5 minutes. Could be 6, is someone counting?

Serves: All us fighters who are left with a few minutes to get ready

Difficulty: None. Scout's honor! 

0 calories. Let's try something new- say no to counting calories during holiday dinners. 


  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
  • Lipstick
  • Blush 


  • A mirror
  • Music would be a great addition


  • 100%


  1. 5 items that’ll save you in a last minute makeup crisis
  2. All items can be found in your carry on (TSA approved)

  3. None of these steps require a brush or other tool (Pat on the back for the Equalia girls)


Let’s paint a pretty picture for you. You’re back home for the holidays; you’ve been helpful and thoughtful in the kitchen and the guests arrive. You’re ecstatic to get the party going yet still haven’t done your makeup. We’re here for the rescue, giving you a killer look with 5 items. Yes you read that correctly, not 15 but 5.

We put together 5 products that’ll pretty much do the work on their own. You won’t need 10 different brushes, sponges and applicators. Step in front of the mirror and let’s get started. Since you’re back home you’re getting enough sleep right? Taking more time to prep and care for your skin? Let’s go ahead and answer YES to the questions above.


Start with the concealer. A few dots under your eyes, some spots that must be concealed and start blending. We’re mentioning two of our favorite Holy Grail concealers: the Maybelline Age Rewind and the Tarte Shape tape. I feel both are easy to apply and quick to blend with your fingers covering any blemishes in no time.

Moving on to mascara: We’re skipping, cut creases and perfect wings. What better way to intensify our eyes than with a couple coats of mascara? This KIKO works wonders and will keep your lashes standing loud and proud throughout the entire dinner. 

Let's not forget blush: The right amount of blush will make your face stand out. Especially when we’re talking cream blush. Pick up with your fingers, the lightest amount possible, smile and dab it on your cheeks. The bobbi brown cream blush is extremely easy to work with and long-wearing no matter how many relatives you end up smooching on the cheek. Pro Tip: I’ve used the BB blush as a lip product and it was a beautiful, natural shade of pink on my lips.

Highlighter: This will transform your face. We’re talking subtle highlight, natural looking, Not the kind that’ll blind the person sitting opposite of you at the dinner table. The Sephora drops have a silk finish on the skin and give the right amount of glow.

Last but not least: the perfect lips. We suggest the Milani liquid lipstick in Amore which is a bold red that'll pull the entire look together and stay on your lips throughout dinner and the Sephora lip paint in Marvelous Mauve for a more toned down look that you won't have to worry about through the night. 


Keep in mind these are merely suggestions. If you’re not a mascara person and can perfect a wing in .000 seconds, then by all means, ditch the mascara and grab your eyeliner. We’d like to think anyone and everyone could work with these products, regardless of one’s expertise on makeup.

Let us know what is something you ABSOLUTELY cannot skip in your routine and why it’s always in your 5 item list. Let’s be honest, even if you skip all these steps and walk straight to the dinner table, the feeling of joy and being with your loved ones, will stay the same. We’re just thinking about that extra glam.



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