This site is curated from two individuals who are avid makeup lovers. More specifically, the EQ girls, while both makeup artists, have backgrounds in different fields. Maria brings her talent from the architecture world, while Asimina connects with clients naturally due to her job as a trained psychologist. Granted, a combination such as this will not be found elsewhere.


We truly


that beauty is not only an external concept but an internal one as well. We’re constantly researching, reviewing and building our professional kits with products that work for us. We’re here to document this journey through our posts. EQ is determined to find the best products on the market and create new ones from scratch to meet our specific needs; thus the name of our site, Equalia.


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to acquire the desired balance each person needs in his or her life. For us, beauty helps us maintain that balance. By being avid makeup lovers, we’re always looking for ways to improve our sense of beauty both internal and external. We’re firm believers that these two go hand in hand for a person to feel confident and strong. Always remember: beauty speaks to all souls; there is no barrier.

* Q&A Time!

Where can we find you:

At EQ HQ. No, it’s not a fancy Pinterest office, at least not yet. It’s wherever our laptop and a coffeemaker are. We’re based in Athens, Greece with frequent travels for work to London and the U.S.


What does it take for an EQ post to happen?

While we’re always toying around with concepts in our mind, the process is somewhat different for an actual post. Firstly, we choose a product to test out thoroughly. Depending on the item, a time frame is set to test it out and keep notes on the product. In the meantime, the photo shoot takes place. We gather props, decide on the lighting and try out different angles to see which one features the product the best. After deciding on the winning photo, the editing part starts. At the same time, the article is put together, with extensive research, pros and cons and any other information we find interesting enough to include. After a careful edit on both picture and text, the post is ready to go. Simple, right?


“Skincare first, makeup second”. Do you truly stand by it?

After completing the seminars on the manufacturing of natural cosmetics, we spent time learning about the specific ingredients behind each product. Needless to say we weren’t happy to hear what we’ve been putting our skin through. Ever since, we’re much more cautious to know what touches our skin.


How long has this been stirring in your head:

A concrete business plan was put together on the 1st of January 2017, talk about New Year’s goals. The idea of us working together and creating something in the makeup world probably happened when we were together in summer camp and spent the days doing each other’s makeup.


Where does the knowledge come from?

First of all, research and acquiring knowledge never stops for us. Even though we’re certified makeup artists, there is much more depth in what we do. We attend any available seminars to learn about natural ingredients in skincare and makeup and other components of this art. We dug out our high school chemistry books to re-examine what we know about formulas and spend time practicing everything we’ve learned. Moving along with the progress of our brand, there will be a team of chemists alongside us, guiding us through the process.


What is your favorite thing about working as a professional makeup artist?

When a client approaches me I instantly create endless different looks in my mind. After hearing what it is they desire and form a connection with them, I enjoy the step-by-step transformation. Being able to see the instant results and the improvement of their overall mood is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything else. Even though it might seem as an external transformation, clients always express how genuinely happy they are, not by altering their appearance, but enhancing their existing unique features. This is why I consider makeup a form of art.

Thank you for joining on this thrilling ride, as we try to uncover everything beauty means for us. We learn as we grow and we’re happy to see you’re eager to learn alongside us.


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