Why we’re here:


Beauty is often a misconstrued concept. We idolize it, chase it to reach its full potential, or we choose to ignore it simply because of the pressure that comes with it. Then there are those, who see it as a form of art. We’d like to think, this project falls under the art lovers. Art and its appreciation is arguably a subjective matter. This is how we feel about make-up.

The creation and history of make-up was used to express feelings, thoughts, recite a story. As avid make-up admirers, we have always shared our love for everything related to this form of art. This is why you’re here-with us; to help us expand this love, and hopefully along the sideways learn a few things that can ease your mind when it comes to make-up.


Thanks for sticking around!

M & A




Maria has been a creature of art ever since she was a young girl. Whether it was painting with crayons or working on a canvas, art runs in her veins. It is only natural, that her love for the art of makeup would surface and make its way into the world.

Luckily, she has chosen this platform to share her passion with the world and keep building the love she has for all things art. Even though her career path seemed somewhat written for her in the architectural world, she decided it was time to accomplish a dream; becoming a certified make-up artist.

Maria currently resides between London and Athens, working in the architectural/design industry while pursuing her passion of all things makeup.

P.s. Architecture and makeup aren't really that different. It's all about art and aesthetics!




Asimina is that girl; the one who discovered makeup after she turned twenty. Up until that day, she was mesmerized by the concept of it, yet felt no need to dive in that world. She was too busy studying to be a psychologist and trying to find ways to simplify life. Needing a creative outlet, she turned to makeup and decided she needed to learn how to contour. From that day on, Asimina has been loving new finds, testing and reading upon new products, with the objective of simplifying one’s life.

Asimina is keen on sharing all possible ways to make you feel beautiful inside out ;) Along with Equalia Beauty, Asimina travels a lot and currently resides in Athens, Greece working as a psychologist in between Athens and Los Angeles.

P.s. If you have any (beauty) issue, now you know where to find her! ;)